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HiPP Organic Fruit Pouch

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"Great for baby and me"

I absolutely adore these fruit pouches, as does my (not so wee)lassie of 8 months. The packaging is great, convenient, attractive, safe and resealable. I have to admit to enjoying these pouches as much as she did! Easy to store in the cupboard and easy to sling in my bag for a snack or pudding on the go. I'm really not into all this organic, home prepared malarky, I believe in good, wholesome, tasty grub which is safe, nutritious and convenient and this ticked all our boxes. I don't have time to spend all day in the kitchen blitzing this and mashing that, a full-time job and a mum I like good food that's reasonabley priced and full of goodness. At 99p a pouch I thought they were better than other packet pouches in terms of flavour and value for money. It says 2 servings which is great for lunch and dinner, or a very hungry lassie in one sitting. When out and about it was so easy to squeeze onto a spoon, or now she's getting the hang of feeding herself, squeeze a wee drop straight into her mouth. It's all about making food and eating fun, and we love these!!!

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"Convenient and Organic"

These Hipp organic pouches are really convenient for on the go and in the house.The resealable lid makes them very easy to use, I managed to get two servings from each pouch. When I was out the house, I squeezed the puree straight onto the spoon which was very handy. The packing is attractive and useful. I was also pleased to see a safety cap! On the packing it also tells you that each pouch contains two portions of fruit which was good to know. My baby boy loved the taste and was always eager for more. He liked all four flavours. I feel organic food is important especially for my baby so I was pleased the fruit was organic with no added sugar.Therefore, I feel the price is fair for the quality of food in these pouches and I would definitely purchase these again. I can find no negatives about this product. Would recommend!

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"Yummy "

The first thing you notice about the pouches is that they will take up a really small amount of space within your cupboard. The second is the screw top and almost drink like nozzle that the fruit puree comes out of. My son (27mths) thought it was a drink, and in fact they do taste rather like a smoothie, he decided to drink a pouch and loved it. Might be a sneaky way of getting more fruit into fussy children/toddlers. My daughter really enjoyed the purees too, particularly the Banana, Pear and Mango one. I have to say I have tried a little of each of the selection I had and they were very very tasty! I could happily drink them myself. They easily thicken with Baby Rice to make a delicious porridge too which is great especially if your baby is very hungry, as they get older or to make a nice fruity porridge for older children (or adults) At 99p each they are not cheap, but they are good quality and organic so I think its worth the extra, if you can't make your own, or if you only use them occasionally. For every day it would work out quite expensive.

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