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HiPP Organic Dessert Jars

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"Great for the whole family"

My boy loves these (and so do I)! I tested the Apricot & Apple and Plum & Pear. So flavoursome and a nice change from the usual apple, banana, pear .... I like cooking for my son but do not really use apricot and plum and so the combination is perfect, adding variety to his menu. They are nicely thick, with no added sugar and silky smooth. I add them to plain yoghurt, porridge or use them on its own.Older children and adults will love them too! It is going to be a staple in my shopping trolley from now on.

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"Lovely but expensive"

My 10month old son loves these dessert jars, they are one of the nicest tasting and not as bland as most others. The only downside is they are quite expensive per jar but I'd rather pay the bit extra & have these than the not so nice flavoured ones, we use them about 3 days a week after lunch. They are very handy if your out because they dont need warming

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"Better than the others..."

Having mainly done Baby-led weaning, the pots we used were the only ones my daughter has ever had! She has always eaten what we have had when we started weaning at six months so we never did the puréed fruit and veg etc. If we had done I can see how these would make life much easier for mums on the go! Having tasted the pots myself as well and experimenting on my daughter, I have to admit they were quite nice, much nicer than expected! My daughter wolfed it down first time as it was something new, but second time she wasn't as sure, Sony mixed it with some plain fromage frais yoghurt, and it went down a treat! As a brand I am quite impressed with Hipp they are taking into consideration the needs of both babies and parents, and the finger food nibbles they have for snacks are great! I wouldn't recommend these pots for continual use, however once in while, when time is tight for parents weaning with purées, they are a good alternative.

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