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Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair

Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair
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"Better than others of the same style"

When I received the Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair it needed a little self assembly. It was easy enough though (just a matter of attaching the legs, which was an easy & quick task)! That done I had a quick look at the harness & adjusted them to fit Zac (my 8 month old son). When dinner time arrived I was all excited to try Zac in his new highchair. We do already have a similar style highchair which i bought as a back up for my eldest son when he was a baby. It was to keep at my mother-in-laws when we used to have sunday luch there. Anyway, the thing I hated about that was that the opening to slide your baby into the seat was very small & my son's legs always used to get stuck! That wasn't a problem when I put Zac into the Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair though. The opening is big enough to fit even the chunkiest little legs in & out! lol. The clasp to close the straps are in 4 parts which does make it a little tricky when you've got a wriggling baby, so I think I need more practice with those to get it down to a fine art so I can do it quicker! Zac sat in the highchair & seemed very comfy in the padded seat. He was banging on the tray as I fed him his dinner. When he'd finished he started getting a little frustrated & wriggled himself down the seat a few times. I would say that's the only issue I had with this highchair, but to be honest I have the same issue with most highchairs so that didn't bother me too much! Another great thing about the Hauck Mac Baby Deluxe Highchair is the fact that it folds flat when it's not in use, which means its great if you're short on space! The cover on the padded seat is wipeable but i'm not sure if it's washable. It doesn't look as though it's meant to come off, but if you wipe the food off quick enough you shouldn't need to wash it anyway. I like the fact that its not made of PVC plastic, as they tend to make the baby sweat, especially in the hot weather. Overall I would say that this highchair is great for those people who just want a quick to set up & easy to store highchair for their baby. I imagine this would go up to age 2 or so if required because, as I said, there's a lot of space to get the child in & out of the seat. Value for money wise, I think it's a little over-priced at an RRP of £50, but I have seen it on sale for quite a bit less online, so if you could get a deal from somewhere I think it would be worth getting!

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