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Happy Nappy System - Swim Nappies

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"no worries swimming experience"

This product is a fantastic idea. What i loved about this product, was the secureness of any 'accidents' that may occur during swimming. My daughter did not have any 'accidents' during our swimming session this time, so i couldnt test the product properly. However, I have used this nappy for other reasons such as potty training in which she has had lots of accidents, and it was fab for keeping the little nasties secure with no leakage. I used the nappy liners which helped clear the mess with ease. The swim nappy was very snug on my daughter and fitted well around the legs, and looked like it kept her warm to some extent. It was a bit of a battle getting the nappy off her, which shows how secure and snug it was around the bottom and legs. My daughter will not gte much more wear out of it as i think it only just fit her, but i will look into getting more in a bigger size. I would definately recommend this to anyone taking a baby swimming.

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This product is such a great idea. We have used the nappy 7-8 times since getting it and we have had no leakages at all and i can say it held in madam's little gift she left me! The liners are fab for catching all mess left. The swim nappy fitted perfectly around Alexis and she is so skinny i was worried it wouldn't - but it did and I am a very happy mummy. Lots of people commented on it while we were in the pool and since using it my sister has been out and brought my nephew some too. Go out and buy some! Save yourself loads of money, looks fab and keeps all leaks at bay xx

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"Great idea!"

Well I couldnt wait to use this on my daughter. I loved the colour & design of the nappy and so did Megan. The nappy looks lovely and snug when on & must have been comfortable or Megan would have been complaining! Unfortunately Megan didnt do any 'messes' in it but I'm confident that if she did the liners would keep hold of it well. Will definiteley be using the swim nappy everytime we go swimming.

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This happy nappy is fantastic. It comes with liners (you can use a normal swim nappy too) that can even be flushed away after for less hassle. Fits great around the waist and tops of legs so if there is any mess im sure it would be kept contained (unfortunately my daughter kept it clean). The colours and motif are really nice and bright too which is nice for the little ones. They are also spf50+. Cleaning is also easy as they only need to rinsed in cold water and then leave to dry. Would definitely recommend to others

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Unfortunately (due to my error) we were sent the wrong size swim nappy. BUT I swim with my cousin and the nappy fitted her little one perfectly. Reviewing now on her behalf she was absolutely amazed by it. She has used it again many times and has had no accidents (as of yet!) When you consider the price of 'little swimmers' this is excellent value for money. It fitted perfectly, colours were nice and many people asked about the nappy. All in all a very happy little boy went swimming in his happy nappy system! :o)

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"Excellent Product"

I found this item a great idea. The swim nappy was very really snug on my daughter and fitted well around the legs (however she does have quite chuncky legs). It was a bit of a battle getting the nappy off her especially when it was wet u really have to tug at it. The liners are a great Idea as u can just put them straight in the bin and saves some mess from the happy nappy, making it much easier to clean. My daughter never had a poo accident so cant comment on how it retains the mess. I have used this nappy on several occasions and it still looks as good as new and seems to have kept its colour. I would definately recommend this to anyone taking a baby swimming.

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"Used weekly"

I have taken my son swimming at least once a week from the age of 6 weeks old. He's now 10 months old and I still use the happy nappies!! They're easy enough to get on and off, reasonably priced and hold in any escapees from his regular swim nappy! I can take him to baby swim class with confidence that we won't contaminate the pool if he decides he needs to go! Brilliant product!

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