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Hamster Buggy Bags

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"amazing item"

Went to town today with the hamster bags attached to side of buggy wow they fit great and are so light. so much room in them for lots of shopping and you dont have to worry about putting carrier bags on the handles lots of pockets so you can even put babys bottle and nappies in.Didnt bang in to things in shops either which is an added bonus, i would definately recommend buying these bags and when you dont need them they fold up so small. I love them i dont think i will be taking them off our buggy anytime soon great style colour and i would definately buy them..and the price is good for what they do....love this product...

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"A great Invention"

If like me you are forever putting your shopping over the handles of your pushchair, the Hamster Buggy bags are definitely the product for you. The bags are easily fitted to either side of the frame, look stylish and neat(we have the blue/grey pair) and even when filled with shopping balance the load stopping the pushchair from falling backwards once your little one is removed. Each bag has ample capacity for shopping, carrying nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and other baby essentials and can be folded compactly into their own storage bag when not in use.taking up very little room. The retail price is very reasonable and I would highly recommend this product. The Hamster Buggy Bags are a great invention and are going to remain attached to my pushchair, I am even taking them abroad later in the summer.

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"What a brilliant idea!!"

These attach to the pushchair with minimal effort and can be folded up really small when not in use. These bags can fit a generous amount of shopping in them and saves you hanging everything from the handles of the pushchair which is a disaster when you take you child out and everything tips over, but you dont have to worry about that with these as they attatch to the side of the pushchair. I think that for an introductory price of £29 they are great value for money as i never take them off and they have completely replaced my usual changing bag when im out in the pushchair. They come in two different colours which are blue/grey and lime green/grey that look really stylish and they dont even look out of place on my black buggy.

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