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Haberman Suckle Feeder

Haberman Suckle Feeder
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"My son loved it!"

We tried this bottle with expressed breast milk when my son was 4 weeks old. He is exclusively breast fed so the fact that the product claims to mimic breastfeeding appealed to us. He took to it instantly and we found the slow flow setting to be perfect for him. A few weeks later I was able to express enough milk to leave him with my husband for the first time, confident that he would feed well without me! My only complaint is that the bottle is definitely oversized for a baby of his age, though we shall continue to use it as he grows.

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I purchased this bottle to try and get my daughter to take just one bottle a day so I could spend time with my other children. Unfortunately she didnt take to it at all as the teat was quite hard and I personally didnt find it easy to use especially when you have to turn it to change the flow. I like the shape of and design of the bottle just disappointed that my little girl didn't take to it.

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"Good Product"

This Haberman Suckle Feeder I have used on feeding my four week old baby boy, and I have found that he easily took the milk from the bottle without hesitation. This was an easy transition from breastfeeding to going on to formula feeding. This product was good value for money and I would buy other products. The only downside I would comment on is that the bottle is slightly bulky, but overall the suckle feeder is very good.

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After reading the reviews for this bottle, i was intrigued to give it a try. As a first time mum having trouble breastfeeding, i thought this would be the answer to my prayers. Unfortunately my baby girl had trouble with the teat, and could not get the milk to release enough. The overall appearance of this bottle however is excellent, and believe that with the correct person this bottle will be perfect.

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"Slightly offended"

I have a 12 week old baby and was sent this bottle to try. All of my children have severe milk allergies and reflux so breastfeeding has always been off the table for me as their allergies are so so bad. So when I received the bottle I was immediately offended by the packaging and the words used on there. Some people do not have a choice but to bottle feed and as one of those mums I was offended straight away, this would discourage me from buying the bottle. In fact I wouldn't even entertain anything further than reading the first few lines. Having said that I wouldn't say the packaging suggests this is a high end bottle as that is how it is priced, I don't think it stood out and seemed more like an own brand. The bottle itself I found uncomfortable in my hand and the teat seemed very hard. My daughter didn't like it at all and she actually on two occasions of using it struggled to drink from it and also struggled with bringing up wind. A few minutes after using the bottle the contents were refluxed in spectacular style. I wouldn't recommend the bottle to be honest and I won't be using it again sadly.

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"An interesting idea"

What first attracted me to this product was that it is called a 'suckle feeder' and not a bottle. All my children have been breastfed, with the eldest two never having a bottle. I thought my baby would transition to water in a cup during the day while I was at work as easy as my other children, but it has not been the case. I was getting concerned that I might have to extend my maternity leave, because she was refusing to drink unless she was being breastfed. However, I have now discovered this feeder! It is very easy to use. I was afraid that my baby may suddenly get colic using this, but the filters help her swallow less air and she hasn't been windy at all. She has adapted well to drinking and the design works perfectly for breastfed babies. I feel that it compliments, as opposed to replacing the breast. It still encourages the baby work for her feed, rather than traditional bottles where feeding is made much easier for babies. Hence, this often means a decrease in breastfeeding as babies prefer an easy life and will opt for the bottle. I am hoping as the market for this product grows, then the price will drop too. I just fear at this price, many parents would not pay for such an innovative product that positively supports natural feeding. I really like this quote from the box "Breastfeeding is best-feeding so why teach our babies a new way to feed?" I feel that these words sum up my feelings about this product .. and it has got my baby drinking and me back to work feeling relaxed that she is happy whilst I am away from her.

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"not a bad bottle"

My 8 month old is still breastfed so this bottle was a test to see how he does if I go out and to see how he does with this style of bottle. He still doesnt like bottles and this one has been no exception, he prefers to chew the teat to obtain milk and doesnt suckle for long periods. I like the way the bottle doesnt have to be held at an angle to express milk, this is useful to my baby and helps obtain a comfortable position when feeding. cleaning is easy enough and I found the instructions easy to understand. I havent seen my son actually 'suckle' comfortably as I expected with this bottle but im thinking that his attention towards this bottle compared to others has proved he like this bottle more than others I have tried. I will carry on using this as I find it has overcome some of the problems I have had recently with bottles. I feel the price is a little high but the product does have some good points such as dispensing while upright and tough teat (dont have to be carefull with the bottle brush) so I would be happy to pay the extra.

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I am rather undecided about this bottle. Having a newborn it is quite a big bottle, I like the concept of it and I can see how it helps to reduce and even prevent colic and I can also see how it is designed to mimic breastfeeding but I did find the flow to slow. I like the idea of a closed teat meaning the baby only gets the milk when it suckles, there is little over spill because of this but I found it too hard work for my son and he easily gave up and fell asleep. Feeds with this bottle were taking an hour for him to finish. I am not so sure I would have bought it for myself.

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"Mixed feeling but overall impressed"

I've been trying the suckle feeder. We have always found it hard to find a bottle our 15 month will take, as he has started to self wean. I had big expectations for this bottle. It's easy for him to hold and likewise us. We will happily feed from this bottle, and finally can get milk into him, so hubby and I can go for dinner! Having said that, I think it's a little slow flowing for him, and towards the end he starts to loose interest. I can see this is going to be a fantastic bottle for bump, and will defiantly get another. I did have to read the instructions, which surprised me. It's a little trickier to clean, and I had to show hubby how it worked as its not as straight forward as others. I think £7.49 would have put me off, and I think it's a little expensive. But having tried it, I would be prepared to buy another.

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