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Gumigem Teething Necklace

Customer Reviews

"Brilliant idea "

Absolutely love the concept of this, little ones love to pull and chew on necklaces. It works a treat for my teething baby, he loves to knaw at it and gives my poor fingers a break!

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"Noula Mae loves yanking my jewelry"

I've only had the GumiGem two days now but I have to say I think it's great. It's one of the few teethers that my daughter can actually keep hold of. I've also shortened the string and worn it whilst breastfeeding and it's great to keep my 7month old occupied. Overall I think it's a great product, lovely bright colours and the right size too. Noula Mae is now into anything and everything so it's nice to have her sat calmly with me when using the teether (it's very rare she will sit nicely for anyone) My only negatives are I think they are very expensive for what they are, the quality of the necklace persuaded me to think it wouldnt be all that expensive, im not very keen on the neclace as an actual piece of jewellery, I wouldn't wear it for that reason. Overall... THUMBS UP!! Rosie & Noula Mae

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"Great product but not for older babies!"

The Gumigem necklace is a great idea and a simple way of being able to accessorize without any danger to the munchkin or yourself. I was keen to try it out! My pink disc necklace arrived in a pretty pouch and is not obviously a child soother. I quickly put it on and my daughter immediately cottoned on and chewed it. It seemed to keep her occupied for a while but with it being her back teeth that are coming through she struggled to get it into her mouth at the right angle. I think Gumigem are bringing out some different styles though so maybe they will be easier to get into the mouth at the back. The black cord it is on is a little rough on the neck and I am not sure my quick release catch was working too well as I got a couple of friction burns from hard pulls (and hubby even struggled to open it!) If I am honest the style of the necklace is not really my thing (being more of a bead kind of girl) and maybe a nice ribbon cord would be both prettier and less rough? I do like this product but think it is quite expensive for what it is. Also it is most definitely for younger babies than my daughter (14 months) both in terms of the shape of the pendant and the fact that she very rarely spends enough time on my knee or in my arms to get full use of it (and I wouldn't be happy giving it to her because of the cord). In summary, a great idea but not for us!

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"Great idea!"

My daughter is always grabbing at my jewellery and has me saying to her 'NO'- it was nice not to tell her off. She was intrigued by the design and as with everything, it went straight into her mouth. it went down well although I think she is a little bit too old at 14 months. PROS Always to hand Entertainment whilst feeding Fashionable design CONS Shape not good for molar teething Gives mixed messages that they can tug and chew all jewellery Makes mum's clothes soggy Would be interested to try with a younger baby at some point in the future, although not sure my husband would be happy to wear it when it was his time to do the feeding.

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"Lovely item"

Had this quite a few days now but really wanted to try it out properly before writing my review. So i've kept the necklace near me for weeks now, it's been shopping with us and on visits to the family. Sam shows an interest in the heart when i wave it in front of him and it always ends up in his mouth but as it is heart shaped it didn't really cover all the teeth it needed to. He enjoyed playing with it but when he tugged on the necklace it hurt as the safety catch didn't come apart as easily as i thought it would, i had to tug on it quite a bit to get it to open, which for sure my baby couldn't have done. The cord was ok for when i was holding him in my arms but when we was sat down it didn't reach as well as it should have, i ended up leaning downwards alot causing the cord to dig into my neck and giving me a pain in my back. The material of the heart was perfect for him to chew on and the colour was nice, my older son happily wore it when he was holding his brother. As Sam is 6 months old he enjoys standing and bashing things and i happily let him play with this and he chews on it. If the cord was longer and maybe i had a circular one it would have been amazing.

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"Excellent Gumigem"

My little boy has always suffered really badly when teething & I was at my wits end on what else I could do/use to help him. I stumbled across Gumigem & was amazed at how pretty the items were...but that they were beneficial to my baby! I ordered the lightening shape...as it, in my opinion would help aid the back teeth aswell as the front....which was exactly what it did. My little boy cottoned on that this was the one piece of my jewellery he could chew & get the relief he needed. The quality is excellent, it arrived in a lovely little bag & to be honest...has been a god-send. I have been very pleased with this product & will definetely buy more...I have & do recommend Gumigem products to everyone.

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I love my Gumigem and so does my son! we started off with the pendant type and then the lightening ones are fantastic for when the molars are coming through. We've used it for teething, entertaining (by dangling it on things eg car seats) and playing little games, my son loves spitting it out of his mouth! they are fantastic, stylish and just plain brilliant! i wish i found them sooner as i was gutted when i had to stop wearing necklaces, and now i dont have to anymore. :):) my hubby even wears them if our little one is teething and wants to chew xx

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"I wish that I had the chance to try this with my first!"

First Off I have twins and when they are teething they want to chew everything and anything unless it was something made for teething, I have bite marks in my coffee table as both children refused to bite down on teethers etc, I cant wear jewellery as Have to many broken bracelets and necklace as the babies have ripped them off of me! so when I received the teething pendant I was slightly pessimistic but I put it on anyway, with in 20 minutes I had both babies fighting on my lap wanting to chew this new blissful chewy thing around mummy's neck..yes I ended up buying another one so now I have both babies with their own necklaces to chew...Ok my legs go a bit numb but apart from that I have very happy babies who now sleep at night thanks to being able to chew during the day, and my furniture is safe! I think it looks funky, easy the put on and take off, children obviously love it, IT WORKS...I just wish these were out when I had my first baby life would have been so much easier! x

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"A great stylish teething product"

Like most Mums I gve up jewellery a long time ago so was delighted when I saw I was getting a Gumigem to review. I received a very stylish black heart and couldn't wait to wear it. Although it looks like it may be made of stone or glass it's actually made of the same type of safe rubber that teething toys are made from so I was very happy to let my teething little boy have a chomp on it. Which he did very quickly! The heart shape was great for him to get into his mouth and chew on to sooth the pain of his front teeth coming through but I think that one of the lightning pendants maybe better for molars. It has a long, strong cord with a breakaway clasp so there is no chance of it breaking and it also give plenty of reach for your baby to play or chew with it. I wear mine most days it's withstood an awful lot of chewing! Priced at just over £10 it would make a perfect gift for an expectant Mum or even for yourself.

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"Good idea but didn't work for us"

When the teething necklace arrived and I had a look at it I loved the concept. The necklace looked good, and I felt it would be something I could easily wear. The white heart felt durable and was securely fastened to the cord. My daughter does suffer with teething and tends to chew on her fingers or clothing so I thought she might like chewing on the necklace when I was holding her instead. I have now tried it on numerous occasions and although she loves trying to pull it off my neck and wants to try it on herself, she has not taken to chewing at all, even when her teeth have been giving her a lot of bother. I really like the idea of this, and sure it will be a great product for many people, but my daughter has just not wanted to use it.

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