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"great book"

What a fantastic book!! The book is easy to use even for the most ungreenfingered like myself. It is broken up into sections. It gives you information on produce you could grow and possible reasons for things going wrong. There are also recipes that you can follow once produce is grown. It has defintely given me a bit more confidence in trying again to grow some veg etc.I just hope it works and we actually get to eat something at the end of it!!!!

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"Excellent for the novice gardener"

I found this book excellent for the novice gardener, ie. ME!! It's very easy to understand and go back to for reference. It contains a good variety of everyday fruits and vegetables as well as edible flowers and a section on keeping chickens. It tells you the best conditions for each and has been ready handy for planning my vegetable patch for next Spring. It also tells you when to plant and when you can expect to harvest. It contains some nice, but pretty basic, recipes. Good if you, like me, grew loads of Beetroot but didn't have a clue what to do with it!!!! This year I had varying success with a few veggies but I'm hoping that next year with be a lot more fruitful (and vegful) with thanks to this book.

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"A good starting point for beginners"

In this book, Linda Gray focuses upon the novice gardner and provides some handy tips for growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs. As the book is aimed at beginners, the variety of produce that are covered in the book are limited to the basic everyday vegetables, fruit and herbs. If you were looking to grow something more exotic, such as a Jeruselum artichoke, for example, you wouldn't find it covered in this book. However, a novice would want to start from the basics: and this book is very good for that. The book is very easy to read and very well structured so it is easy to use as a quick point of reference without having to sift through lots of pages to find the passage that you need to refer back to. For every vegetable, fruit and herb, Linda Gray provides a brief introduction of the produce, its properties, and how to grow them. However, she also provides you with at least a couple of pages on how to eat and use them in very basic recipes, which I think is out of place in a gardening book. Personally,I would have liked to have seen more detail on when best to sow and harvest produce, what to do if things go wrong, how to grow different varieties of produce, and how best to grow things indoors, as the book only touches upon these factors. Overall, 'Grow Your Own Groceries' is a good starting point to to just that.

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"A great book for beginners!"

If you are a complete gardening novice like me, then this book is just what you need. Grow Your Own Groceries is very enjoyable to read - this is one of the few gardening books that I've actually sat and read cover to cover! It's also very clearly laid out and very well-organised, meaning it's perfect for dipping in and out of and for using as a reference book when you're growing produce in the garden. I am just starting to plan my vegetable garden for next spring and and I found this book a really helpful starting point. The book is divided into sections, each covering the different vegetable groups, fruits, herbs and even edible flowers! Rather than trying to cover lots of different plant varieties, Linda Gray concentrates on a few key fruits / vegetable within each group. As a beginner I found this very re-assuring as I wasn't overwhelmed with too much information. It's also a great starting point when planning what to grow in your garden. For each plant, there is information on the conditions it needs to grow, growing plants from seeds, harvesting your crop and managing pests and disease. Grow Your Own Groceries gives really useful information about the nutritional properties of each fruit / vegetable and a selection of cooking ideas. The nutritional information is fascinating and I learnt a lot from these sections. I found the cooking ideas a little basic though - if you enjoy cooking, as I do, you'll probably know a lot of the dishes anyway - but they are still useful reminders and I did find some delicious new recipes, such as pea guacamole and home-made blackcurrant juice. After reading Grow Your Own Groceries, I'm really excited about growing my own fruit and vegetables and I have lots of great plans for my garden. I also feel confident about looking after my plants and getting the best from them thanks to all the gardening tips and growing information included in the book. I'll definitely be referring to this book a lot from now on.

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"Easy to understand!"

I love this book, it breaks down into sections all the different things that you can grow, gives background on the fruit or vegetable that you have chosen to grow, and then basically gives you a foolproof way of growing them. It includes everything from herbs, to every kind of fruit and vegetable that you can possibly imagine! It tells you when the best time is to start planting and the best time to start harvesting them, It recommends the ideal conditions that they grow in, what can be made from them when they are grown and even recommends some really nice recipes. It is also very easy to read, the writing is not all clumped togther and they are drawings of the fruit or vegetables too. It also provides information on keeping fit and healthy and even has lots of recipes, from Lemonade to chocolate cake :) It retails for £9.99, and I think that it is definatley worth the money and I would recommend it to anybody that was thinking of growing anything.

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We have tried to grow many things this year with varying results, so I was pleased to have found this book. First sight it is easy to use and not too big for the bookshelf. It has many vegetables and fruits in there - with a section on chickens/eggs too. I now know why my cucumbers didn't survive, and how to keep the slugs off my lettuces! The book also contains some recipes for your produce which is a great idea - ive never seen this in a gardening book before! Also at the back is a household section - other things the produce can be used for - did you know dandelion sap is a cure for warts and verrucas??? well it is! Great book - I will be referring to this alot!

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