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Great in Bed

Great in Bed
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Great in Bed by
Debby Herbenick PHD and Grant Stoddard

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"Not my cup of tea"

This book seems a bit too much common sense to me?! It is great if you and/or partner aren't used to experimenting or talking about sex, but I didn't really find much that wasn't fairly obvious anyway. It's not the kind of book I'd usually own... Mainly cause I'd probably leave it out when my parents come to stay or something embarrassing like that. I guess for some people it would be really good if you lacked confidence or weren't comfortable chatting with your partner. As another reviewer mentioned, there are not many pictures or diagrams to give you a hand, but maybe that's intentional for you to go try it out? Waste of money in my opinion, but you can sell anything these days. Might have to try read it on the tube in London and see what looks I get from people :-)

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"Very informative "

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it's informative in places, yet funny in others. It was the sort of book I wondered what I would do with it but I've found it' really good! There is a lot of writing in it, not as many pictures and illustrations as I expected but still as good. The book is broken down into chapters, rather than just being one huge thick book to read. Its subtitled 'thrill the body blow the mind', which I think was quite a good title! The book itself is not something I would buy personally for myself or as a gift. Saying that it is an interesting read. It comes from a male point of view and a female which makes it interesting. It retails at $24.95 (can't find a uk price) which I probably wouldn't pay. Only because I personally wouldn't use it.

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This book is full of tips on how to meet a partner, how to make them want you and then how to please them in bed. There are a few useful pages, and interesting pages but it's not really the kind of book I would study from cover to cover.

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"NOt Suitable For Me At The Moment"

this book i feel would be more suited to another market rather than somebody expecting a child. it explains all about sex (i.e positions etc) but not at all relevent to an expectant mother

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"Turned good sex in to Great sex"

I would never have thought of buying a self help book like this but my wife and I have great fun reading it. Even at our age(32)we were able to learn a lot about each other, and what was great we got to share ideas from both the Male and Female side. We feel this has defiantly brought a lot to our bedroom. Dare to do it.

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"Great fun"

Not the sort of book I would buy normally but I was surprised by its simple suggestions. Probably the most fun product test I have done yet!

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Not usually a self help book buyer, and never bought a book like this before. However was pleasantly surprised as it was both informative and tasteful. Full of useful hints and tips to make your sex life a happy one. Dont know if i would pay full price for this book though.

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