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Gormiti Cakes by Elizabeth the Chef

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"Great if your child is a fan of Gormiti"

According to my 3 year old this cake tastes very cool and he was very taken by the image decorating the cake. The cake itself is a sponge cake with jam and cream filling and does taste very pleasant, if a bit sweet with all the icing covering the cake. The image decorating the cake is raised, rather than flat, creating a bit of a 3D effect. Like other celebration cakes found in supermarkets, this cake is priced in line with other cakes and is perfect if your child is a fan of Gormiti (I had to do a bit of research to find out who the character is, having not heard of it so far). The cake serves 14 although you could priobably get more slices out of it depending on the size you give to a child.

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"Lovely design for young boys"

When the cake arrived the first words uttered by my son were "wow, can we eat it now". The cake has a raised design of Gormiti (a character from a television show). I guess he is a superhero but I have not heard of him before. Neither had my son but that didn't stop him wanting the cake based on the fact that a superhero was on the top! The cake itself was lovely. The sponge was a bit dry, considering there were over 12 days left until the use by date. The filling consisted of a butter cream which was very very tasty and a jam layer. These weren't too sweet and were quite moreish. The cake was then covered in a sugar icing which again, wasn't too sweet - it was quite possible to finish one piece and want another, unlike some cakes where one piece is definitely enough. The cake serves 14 but if it were for a children's party I would probably say it would serve about 20 as you wouldn't need big slices for young children. Overall I would say the cake is priced correctly for what is currently available in supermarkets. The only think that let it down was the dryness of the sponge - I hope it was a fluke and that only my cake was affected by this.

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"brilliant cake for boys"

the cake is very eye catching especially for boys although the programme is unheard of in our household but i think it is fairly new so soon will be! i was a bit sceptical about giving it to my son due to the bold colours in the icing but was reassured by the statement on the box of no artificial colours and this was proved by my sons behavior after consumption. overall i would say this cake is perfect for any childs celebration and would recommend it.

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"fun cake"

We liked the Gormiti cake even though we had never heard of the Gormiti characters but nevertheless I had a very happy boy when he arrived back from school and saw the cake. The icing for me was too heavy, but the children liked it. and the cake inside was delicious. For £7.99 I thought the cake was superb as it tasted so much better than normal party cakes. The children loved the bright colours and my daughter has been asking if there are girly ones, so it must be a good thing. Overall it would definitely serve plenty and is a great tasting cake. also we liked the topper on the cake which was edible white chocolate. Personally i would prefer a cake without the icing , but it was easy to peel that all off.

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"Nice bright cake"

My 6 year old son instantly recognised the Gormiti characters on the cake when it arrived and was most impressed we had a cake with them on. I've never heard of them though! Since the cake had quite a long best before date on (2 weeks from when we received it) we decided to save it for a family gathering the following week so everyone could try it! It was very easy to get out of the box and remove the cardboard edging. All the children were very excited to try it,although one family member expressed concern at the amount of brightly coloured icing! The cake was very easy to cut although the bottom layer of sponge didn't remain stuck to the cake and broke off seperately on almost every piece.The sponge itself was quite dry, especially the bottom sponge, and although we had stored the cake for a week before eating, there was still another 6 days before the best before date so I was a little disappointed by this. The jam and buttercream icing were a big hit, as was the outer icing and sugar decoration. I thought the retail price was suitable and consistent with other birthday cakes on the market. It easily fed 14 people and quite generously. The children (especially the boys) thought the cake looked great and tasted nice. None of the adults had heard of Gormiti so were't quite as enthusiastic at the appearance, although the cake was well presented. The taste of the actual sponge and the icing was nice and sweet and typical of a shop bought birthday cake - the only disappointment being that the sponge was quite dry. I would buy this cake again although I would aim to buy it nearer the time I was going to use it to ensure optimal freshness.

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"A great treat"

My 5 year old son was absolutely delighted when he arrived home from school and spotted the Gormiti cake on the table. “Is it my birthday?” he squealed “Errr… no but you can have some for your Friday afternoon treat” I replied as I slid the cake from the box. He continued to teach me about the characters on the show, pointing to the 3D decoration in the middle of the cake. He was completely silent for the 30 seconds it took him to gobble it up, “really, really yummy”, he said smacking his lips. I have to agree with him, the sponge was moist and it had just the right amount of jam and butter cream for me – I didn't find it too sickly and sneakily cut myself another piece. My husband thought it could do with a bit more jam but I think that's just personal taste – the kids didn't complain at all. The icing also looked fab! I was particularly impressed that it contained 'natural colours and flavourings'. You would think that to look at the multi coloured icing, it would be full of nasties – thankfully not the case and I was not concerned in allowing my children this treat. The RRP of £7.79 is fine for a birthday treat and you can get 14 reasonable slices from it. I would buy this cake again – recommended!

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"A bit too old for my son"

This cake looks stunning. I think it has been decorated fantasticly. My son who is 3 1/2 liked the design aswell. I invited a couple of his friends round to play and we had tea & cake. Everybody ate the sponge cake yet we all felt the icing was a bit too sickly and a bit too think. I would definately reccommend this product for slightly older children as my son didn't really know who they were and the cake was a bit too sickly for him.

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"Gormiti Cake - Fantastic!"

There's always another toy evoking worlds of Good versus Evil in which young lads of all ages can get caught up. Gormiti has been around a while but my son has only just become hooked thanks to various Xmas presents. The latest sign that Gormiti has finally arrived though comes with the launch of the Gormiti cake. This is pretty much in the same vein as the other 'character' cakes that you can see on the shelves in Sainsbury's and wherever! A nice, relatively light sponge, iced and topped with an icing character transfer. There's nothing particularly new about it other than the fact that we haven't been able to get one before. Despite that my son certainly loved informing me about which of the charatcers were 'good', 'bad' or 'a bit of both' and cake is the one food staple we have after beans so all good there! Tasty and relatively well priced, it survived a few days well and was a nice novelty treat.

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