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Girls Potty Time

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"Excellent book to help potty training"

Potty Time Girls 1- The book is is easy to read its straight to the point, beautifully illustrated, brief sentences, rhyming and well so exciting for my little one to listen too 2- It is a great book to help make potty training more fun and enjoyable for both parent and child, brief sentences, rhyming and well so exciting for my little one to listen too 3- Good value for money, normal price you would expect for a lovely book, it has a sticker chart too and it is beautifully illustrated. 4-appearance- The book arrived, it was bright and instantly got my 19 months attention, she was mummy, wow, girl and she recognised potty and loved the stickers. 5- My daughter loves it she saw the potty in the book and the big girls on it and wanted to copy so wow, plus the stickers are an excellent idea. 6- No bad points, all around fantastic book to help make potty training more fun for both parent and child

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"really helpful book"

Adele has just turned 2 and was showing signs of being ready for potty training and this book has helped so much. It is a very bright and colourful book, and I sat down with Adele and read the book to her and showed her the pictures of the little girls with their potties. She then wanted to sit on her own potty, and I told her she should have a special pink sticker-these come with the book if she did a wee on her potty. She did and thinks shes very big and clever now- like the big girls in her book! I have to say the stickers are a fab idea, they really encouraged my little one to give it a try. The pictures in the book are large and clear and give little ones the confidence to sit on the potty.The book is very simple to use and is great value for money and I would recommend this book to any parent about to potty train their child, even if they have experience from potty training older children as it has really benefited Adele.

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"Excellent Book"

What can I say about this charming Girls Potty Book, my 2 year old daughter absolutely loves it so much so she took it to bed with her one night. This book has a cute potty lift up lid on the cover, the pictures are bright and well illustrated, very easy to point out different potties on the pages even teddy goes on the potty. Its a very cute girlie book, perfect for getting little ones used to the idea of wearing big girls knickers and using the potty, well worth the money!

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"Great Book"

I loved this book and so did Kayleigh. She absolutley loves books so this was a good start. The front of the book is in the shape of a toilet seat, very inventive. Kayleigh likes lifting the lid to see inside the book. We read the story together and she always says "oh no" when the girls do pee pee on the floor. It's so funny to hear but she knows it's wrong so it's good for learning them that. Very good book for a child interested in books and potty training. They learn without even knowing!

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