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"Fantastic quality!"

This has to be by far, the best footmuff I have ever owned- and trust me , being a mum of four I have gone through many of them! They are handmade, using materials of the highest quality. The inside of the footmuff is lovely and soft, and keeps my daughter really cosy, warm and comfortable. The outside is 100% cotton and features a beautiful, pink floral girly design. It is very well padded and a good size, my daughter still has plenty of room to wriggle about, stretch her legs etc. The footmuff fits very easily into the pushchair, and is zip fastening all around to ensure you can get your child in/out of the pushchair quickly and easily. I would recommend to anyone wanting to buy a footmuff- the quality simply is unbeatable. It would also make a perfect gift for a newborn or anyone with a baby/young toddler.

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