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FunMum Maternity Wear

FunMum Maternity Wear
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"Non existent customer service "

Product (skinny jeans) seem fine and durable but have not worn them yet so couldn't say how comfortable they are, my main concern is Funmums customer service or should I say lack of. My parcel was very late and after emailing them twice for the whereabouts of my parcel they would not and still have not so much as acknowledged my emails?!? I find this extremely rude and unprofessional and very frustrating if my jeans still had not arrived or if there was a problem? The only telephone number provided for them also is not a telephone number but a fax machine? Because of there rudeness and non existent communication I unfortunately would not buy from fun mum again

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"Great clothes"

I bought a number of tops and dresses from FunMum and was thrilled with the quality of the items given how reasonably priced they were. The stock was delivered quickly and all the items are stylish and versatile (I am still using some of the maternity tops I bought as breastfeeding tops)

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"you pay for what you get!"

i got sent these clothes not knowing what to expect, these clothes went past my expectations and soared as they were lovely. I esp loved the pair of combat trousers i got sent as they are soo comfy, i could wear them to bed they are that comfortable. Because of my mum being ill havent had a chance to come on here but im glad i had a little longer as it gave me a chance to really give the clothes a good wearing in and i tell you they have been worn non stop from the moment i got them in the post. The clothes from this site are a little on the expensive side but for what you get you pay what is expected as you really do get what you pay for. The clothes are very well made and easy to put on, another favourite of mine weas a top with a slogan on it which i had a lot of people look at, but it was nice that they realised i was pregnant as because i am quite small and dont have a definate bump sometimes i worry i just look fat but these clothes also helped show off my bump in the best way possible without making me look frumpy or just plain fat! The clothes and designs of their other clothes were gorgeous too and have since been thinknig about buying a few more items off their site as a lot of other pregnant mums i know are jealous of my clothes so i know i look good! As for putting them on they all go on really easily the only slight fault is that the trousers have a few too many catches on them- only reason i notice though is being pregnant im running for the toilet every 5 seconds so would help if it just had one button/zip rather than three different things! Other than this though the clothes look fab and you feel very pretty and sexy in them. Overall lovely clothes and a must have for any mum to be.

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"Loved them"

Well I got 2 tops & 2 trousers the tops were a bit tight but I do have a larger top half than bottom (big boobies) the trousers were great & really comfy only thing is they were a bit long for me Im only short so maybe funmum might think about doing shorter sizes but still doing larger sizes most shops etc if doing petite only do to a size 16. Its great the fact funmum goes up to a size 22. I agree they may be a bit more expensive than other maternity clothes but they are a good quality.

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"Fantastic Quality"

Fun Mum clothes are quite expensive but you get what you pay for and that is excellent quality. The tops I tried were not long enough but I am a large build and like long tops, the trousers were wonderful and soft and the material did not rub and felk like silk on your skin. I highly recommend Fum Mum clothes for any mum to be :-)

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"Fab funky clothes!"

I have got both tops & bottoms from Funmum and they are the most comfortable maternity clothes i've had! They are made of really nice, good quality materials and they fit really well. The clothes are also really trendy and some have really funky statements on the tops too! I would recommend buying maternity clothes from Funmum.com to anyone. They are great and they wash really nicely too. Value-wise, on first inspection they may seem a little more pricey than some other brands but i would say they are definately worth spending that extra bit of money on because of the quality of the garments.

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"great value"

i have tried 5 items of clothing, 3 tops and two pairs of trousers, i found all of the clothes fitted perfectly and were very comfortable, the fabric is very nice and doesnt rub against the skin like some maternity clothes you can get, i would highly recommend purchasing maternity clothes from funmum , thanks

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