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"wonderful food ideas"

As a mum of an 10 month old I have been trying to introduce a variation of spices and flavours into his diet without them being too strong. These products are the perfect blend of Asian spices and halal meats that are hard to find in normal shops. The consistency of the food is great and easy to heat up and the packaging is brilliant to store and can be put in the fridge for 24 hours for next day use. My baby loved all of the flavours with the chicken being his favourite I'm so glad they are available in supermarkets and I will be purchasing more of these sachets for my baby

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"So tasty for little one "

My little girl loved these! Lentil curry was her favourite one and she likes these better than what I cook her. I already purchased some from my local supermarket and will continue to do so from now on. Love it!

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"Great Variety "

I have been looking for a halal meals for my little boy to try as most of the boxed foods are not halal therefore we can only have vege options. My lb really enjoyed the flavours and would definitely go and purchase these as its convenient for when we are out and about! Good blend of flavours :)

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