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Fisher Price Soft Grip Spoons

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"Easy for the little one to use."

The brightly coloured spoons are easy to handle and good to use for my one year old who now refuses to be spoon fed by myself. The handles are large enough for him to grip and so far they seem quite durable for the amount of bashing and banging he does with them. The spoons are easy to clean. I would recommend this product for slightly older babies who are past the weaning stage and learning to feed themselves.

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"Not just a spoon"

When the soft grip spoons first arrived I was drawn to the fun designs and colours, I knew instantly that we wouldn't just be using them as an eating instrument but also as learning toys. The spoons have bright vibrant colours hat children are drawn to, my one year old love the pea spoon, I assume he recognises the shape of the pea pod and associated it with mange tout which he enjoys to eat. Whenever my son eats fruit or vegetables associated with the spoon we always use the matching spoon and I talk to him about the piece of fruit or veg, he doesn't understand but he will eventually start to learn the words. The spoons are chunky enough for my one year old to hold himself although at the moment most of the food he fills it with ends up on the floor. When eating has finished and the spoons have been washed I let my son play with them and we talk about the fruit and veg, I've named the spoons and he always laughs when I jiggle the yellow spoon and do my Sally sweetcorn voice. The spoons are definitely value for money and I can't recommend them enough.

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"Easy for young ones to grip"

My just turned 1 year old daughter is fiercely independent and these spoons are easy for her to grip. They are brightly coloured with vegetable designs, even my 3 year old would rather use his sister's spoons then his right now!

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