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First Focus Books by Ladybird

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"Bright, simple pictures"

My 6 month old daughter absolutely loves this book although she has not used it as a cot book (as intended, she just likes to eat the cot ties!). The book has bright, eye catching and simple pictures in just three colours, black, white and yellow. It only has pictures, no words so you need to be creative in your storytelling. Its soft material makes it easy for my daughter to hold and she loves trying to grab the mirror. I'd consider buying this book if it was a couple of pound cheaper.

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"Eye Catching"

Lovely bright eye catching books for babies. Based on 2 colours yellow, black and white. Very well made although im a bit unsure with the material they are made with for babies as they have a tendancy to suck the edges of books which in turn would make the pages go soggy. Very entertaining for baby and they definatley got my little ones attention. He liked feeling the different textures in the pages. I think they are very lovely books and if I saw them in the shops id likely buy them. Not a bad price for the 3 books which come in thier own sleeve but would be more likely to buy if they were a couple of pounds cheaper.

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"Very average"

I've been three months to write this review as I have tried again and again to see if either of my kids would like these sets of books but to no avail. I must be honest, I didn't find the covers appealing myself and so wouldn't have bought them because of this. Both my kids, especially my 1 year old daughter, loves books and normally really enjoy this type of book where they have one picture per page but it really didn't hold her attention for more than a couple of seconds.

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"bright colour"

My baby liked the look of the books very bright. Was disappointed with the things that go book as it did not make noises but the other two in the set i like. My daughter loves the faces one she gets all excited on the last page to see her self.

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"great books"

my daughter loved these books. there lovely and bright an she loved the diff textures.dont think they should be cot books as my daughter didnt like them in her cot but overall good books

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