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First Bricks Train Station Set

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"Just as good as leading brands!!!"

We received the First Bricks Train Station Set just over a week ago and my 2 year old LOVES it! As soon as she saw the box she started saying 'oh wow' and 'yay' and couldn't wait to get inside the box!! Once opened, we found 18 pieces of building blocks, which looked good, all the pieces were there, and made a lovely train, which my daughter enjoyed pushing around saying cho cho!! We have duplo that my daughter also loves, and found that the pieces from this set fit perfectly with them, which is great as now she can mix up all the pieces and make a bigger variety of things, which she loves, and has played with this endlessly every day this week!!! The only slightly negative thing was that the stickers that it said were included in the set, weren't actually in the box, this didn't matter to use as it is likely she would have peeled the stickers off anyway. Overall a lovely set, very good value for money being priced under £20 and definitely a contender in the ranks with other leading building block brands, especially as you get slightly more for your money and the quality, appearance, durability and fit are just as good. Would buy more building blocks from this brand in the future.

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"good toy"

We got this a few weeks ago and my 18 month old son loved it! Played with it for ages more trying to build things with it than having it as a station and a train though. Kept him occupied for a while. Looks to be nicely made and suitable for 18 months. I would say its reasonable value for money. If your child likes trains its a good buy!

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"Great product"

The packaging is bright and attractive, As soon as my 18 month old nephew saw the box he became extremely excited to play with the 'choo'. The 33 blocks all slot together with ease and took no time at all to set up the track, train and station platform. Also included in the box were a set of stickers that were easy to apply to the blocks. As the box states the blocks are "compatible with all leading brands" and fit together perfectly with his Duplo blocks he has already. He loved to push the train along the track and even took the train off-roading around the lounge! I would definitely recommend this product to others, it is a great addition to the other top brands, is of high quality and for £20 is superb value for money.

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