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Easy-to-use, discreet, extremely lightweight and flexible: works well for back pain and effective in stimulating muscles. Cut-off after it has not been in use for five minutes, to save battery energy. No 'hold' function, as its so discreet its easy to forget your wearing it and knock it up notch without realising!

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"Excellent product, excellent price!"

This tiny little machine truly amazes me! When i first got the femme elite tens i was terrified of using it, when i finaly plucked up the courage i couldn't believe how easy it was to use and how comfortable too! I never found pelvic floor excercises worked for me, so to have a little gadget like this which tones the muscles for you is just fab! I know alot of women suffer from a weak pelvic floor, especially after childbirth, and i'd say this is definately the answer, i think this machine is worth every penny to help stop this embaressing problem. I have also used the femme elite tens for my migranes, and it really helps to relieve the pain, and this is fantastic as nothing seems to help except sleep, so to have something to take the edge off like this is wonderful, especially when i have a little one running around and not able to get any rest! So, my experience of using the femme elite tens has been very good, and in the future i would definately buy another! I think every mum should try it!

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"All mums should have one!"

Pelvic floor exercises - I know I should have done them when I was pregnant but I always forgot! When I did remember, I never felt as if I was doing them properly and didn't feel they had any effect. As a result my pelvic floor muscles were weak to say the very least, so I was really pleased to be able to try the Femme Elite. This is such a clever little TENS unit - it's so versatile. I tried the Pelvic Floor Stimulation setting first. A vaginal probe is used to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles and this tones and strengthens them. The probe looked rather daunting at first, but I found it very easy and comfortable to use. I started on one of the lower settings on the programme and could feel a gentle, tingling sensation. You can really feel it working. I've been using the Femme Elite for a couple of months now and I have definitely noticed an improvement. My pelvic floor muscles really do feel more 'toned' and I seem to have far more control over them. I certainly have far better bladder control now too. The Femme Elite can also be used for pain relief. I've always liked the idea of using TENS for period pain but have been put off by the size of my labour TENS unit. The Femme Elite is just what I've been looking for! It's so small and neat, it's easy to wear it discreetly without anybody else noticing - perfect for pain relief when you may need to keep it on when you're out and about. As I am breastfeeding my daughter, I had no need to use the TENS option, but I will definitely be using it when my periods return as I would much rather use a natural form of pain relief instead of taking lots of painkilling pills every month. Finally, the Femme Elite can also be used for muscle toning (yes, it really does do everything!) I decided to give it a go on my rather wobbly tummy! I used the wireless electrode and this made it very quick and simple to use. There were no wires and the electrode was very sticky and stayed put while I got on with jobs such as cooking and ironing. I could really feel this working - although my stomach still needs more work, this is definitely helping and I can already see a difference. I'm going to continue using it on my stomach, but also try some other areas too e.g my thighs!! My biggest worry when I was asked to test the Femme Elite was that I wouldn't have time to use it and do the exercises properly. I really shouldn't have worried as it's very easy to use and, because you can get on with other things while using it, time really isn't an issue. I do all my exercises every day without any trouble at all. Even the busiest mum will be able to fit this into their daily routine.

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"Just fantastic!"

The great thing about this little gadget is that it does 3 jobs: pelvic-floor stimulation, pain relief & muscle toning! Everything you need after having a baby!!! When I got my Femme Elite Tens, the first thing I noticed was how small it is! You really can take it anywhere in the pouch provided, just stick it in your handbag & off you go! It comes with full instructions, a lilac pouch, vaginal probe (for pelvic floor stimulation), a sachet of lubricant gel, 4 self-adhesive electrodes, wireless electrodes, leadwire adapter & the battery is also included. I decided to try the PFS (Pelvic Floor Stimulation) first & was surprised at how easy to use it was. I must admit I was a bit wary of using the vaginal probe at first but it was really easy to use & when it was switched on I could really feel my muscles working! After a few weeks of using the PFS I have noticed major improvements to my pelvic floor! I will continue to use it as I think it may improve even more with time. I have also tried the EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) on my abdomen muscles. After having 2 kids I thought they might need a work out! The self-adhesive electrode pads were really sticky so they stayed in place great & they were really easy to position thanks to the instruction booklet. I could feel them working as soon as I switched the machine on. I haven't used it in this mode as often as I would like, due to not having enough time in the day, but i'm sure with continued use the muscles would be a lot more toned! Unfortunately I haven't used the TENS (for pain relief) mode yet as I haven't had the need to, but if the other programmes on the Femme Elite are anything to go by I would think it would be great too! I would definately recommend this to anyone who has had children & wants to improve their bladder control & also muscle tone! The only thing to note is, if you are wanting to use this for post-natal recovery you need to wait until 12 weeks after giving birth to use it! Also I think the price is fantastic! It really is worth the money as it has multiple uses & it actually works!

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"Easy to use,discreet and it works!!"

My name should have been I.P Freely! After 3 children close together my pelvic floor was no more, I mean who out of us mums has the time or energy to think about PF exercises? Well this little machine is just the answer we have all needed but just not known it. I will admit when I first saw the 'probe' I was a little anxious, my hubby thought his luck was in and it was some weird sex toy[men!!]. However when it was on I could really feel it working. Now it has been 4 weeks since I got the machine and I no longer pee freely!! Now I am not completely cured but think with continued use I may have the pelvic floor of my youth. Now that is not the only thing this machine does, it is also a tens machine and a muscle toner. Now I will admit I havent used the toner mode as it is slightly unfair to set the maching a nigh on impossible task. However I have used the TENs. I suffer a bad back due to a car accident in 2002, that combined with 3 pregnancies all of which ended up with me suffering SPD makes most days agony. I put the TENs on and I was in heaven. I can wear it while going about my normal stuff without anybody knowing and the control panel fits in my pocket or clips onto my waistband. In terms of value for money this machine has it all and I would definetly recommend it.

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