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Ella's Kitchen Baby Food

Ella's Kitchen Baby Food
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"Yummy for babies!"

You cannot beat Ella's kitchen for its extensive range of purees, with some fantastic flavours/combinations available. We are only in the early stages of weaning but the pouches we have used have gone down a treat with our 6 month old daughter. They are on the expensive side but are worth it for the quality and the fact that they are fully organic. Definitely intend to try some of the more exciting food combinations as she grows older and her taste buds expand a bit! Would recommend to anyone to try as I'm sure there will be a flavour to suit even the most fussy babies.

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"Fantastic when on the go"

These pouches are great when on the go as you just screw the top off and the wee one can just suck the contents out of the pouch with no need for spoons and bowls. They come is a great range of flavours and the packaging is colourful and interesting for babies when feeding themselves.

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"Great on the go!"

I bought these after a recommendation from a friend and I have to say that they are great! I only buy the fruit smoothie variety not the meals anymore though. It's basically the packaging that does it. The contents are tasty, but there are lots of smoothies on the market that are just as nice taste wise and probably ones just as nice and cheaper. However, the packaging means that you can feed them to older babies / young toddlers direct from the spout like a bottle. Perfect for travelling and to take on holiday as emergency food if you go somewhere where baby food is hard to come by. I buy these things by the bucket load!!

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"Great from the start of weaning right through to toddler"

I have been buying these for my daughter ever since we first started weaning her, she loves them! at first we just fed her the puree then as she got older I started to mix them with pasta or potatoes, shes 2 now & still likes them. Its great knowing that they're full of natural ingredients, I find them fab for a quick meal alongside homemade cooking. My daughter always liked the fruit ones, we just used to give her the pouch to eat from which she found a bit of a novelty.

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"superb quality and much loved"

I have struggled to find something my son would really gulp down. He is quite a picky eater and he just gobbles these up! They are lovely combinations and I love the fact that its just the ingredients pureed...no added fillers or even water. I feel like he is getting a good balance of nutrition when he eats these!

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The sauces are just fab, I used them with pasta, put them in mashed potato, added cooked chicken, pork & fish to them and everything vanished of her plate!! They are just so versatile. The Indian one went down the best, well when I used that one it got eaten quicker than the American or Italian one!! I have stocked up on a few so I can make something quick, tasty and nutritious whenever I'm in a mad rush trying to sort the other kids out and stuff. I'm hoping she'll like the smoothie pouches when she's a bit bigger too.

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"so easy to use"

we were sent a variety to try and can honestly say they have all been well received by all my children...even the fussy vegetable hating teenager!! they are so easy to use and great value for money. the sauces taste delicious and they have been enjoyed by all my children,not just the baby :-) its reassuring to know that these sauces are nutritional as well as appetising.they are well worth trying :-)

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"Simply Super"

Fantasic and so simple and easy to use.. I was sent a load of samples to test and with having a baby that was 5 weeks prem and stuggling to wean these we just fantastic.. Erin loved all the combination of flavours, the fruity ones, the vegetable ones and all the sauce ones to add pasta or other food too. They are so simple to warm up too, just place in hot water and leave...remove from water shake pouch open and pour into a clean bowl. They come in such handy pouches, with screw caps so if baby does not need the whole pouch you can use half and then place cap back on and put in fridge for up to 48 hours. I have already been out and bought more of these for Erin..I never seen her eat anything as quick as these and she cries when the bowl is empty.

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