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Eggspress Heart Mould

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"Fun for special occasions"

I love a fun kitchen gadget, especially one that creates a reaction at a dinner party! The Eggspress turns a normal hard-boiled egg into a heart shape. The instructions are pretty clear and the mould is simple to use although, as I was using large eggs, I found it easier to put the egg into the mould end-up, not sideways as shown in the diagram. You have to close it very gently to avoid breaking the egg - I wouldn't recommend letting the kids do it unless you have eggs to spare! I did have some excess squeeze out, but this was easy to trim off with a sharp knife afterwards. Once removed you really do have a heart-shaped egg! It looks very effective sliced in half and I would use it as a finishing touch on a salad or as a garnish. Realistically it is not something I will use that often as it does take over 10 minutes per egg (post-boiling) to make a heart, so it is ultimately destined to a life at the back of my gadget drawer. However, I know that I'll probably dig it out every now and then to impress a new audience so for me, it is worth the money!

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"Very good. "

This was a good product if you are entertaining. It's quite easy to use My son enjoyed his eggs a different shape.

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"Brilliant product"

Brilliant little product... Loads of fun and makes perfect heart shaped eggs!! It really does work!!!! Loads of fun for the kids and makes your salads look fabulous xxxx

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