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Effective Birth Preparation CD

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"These are brilliant"

I used these CDs the whole set through my pregnancy, labour and post natal too, I still use them now on the train to work to chill out as I love the relaxation cd so much. I would definitely recommend these as they relax you so much and I was at home until 9cms dialated and first chilled on my reclining sofa and then in my birth pool with the cds on. I was not nervous about giving birth at all and actually looked forwards to it. I did end up having an emergency c section and I must say that they also kept me calm through all the drama. Big thumbs up from me!!! My hubby even had a go at relaxing with them and he fell asleep haha

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hi i have used this dvd loads now and it is so good, it made me relaxed about giving birth and i defently think this will help me during labour. i would recommend this for anyone who is feeling worried or stress about giving birth.

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"These work!!!"

I was a total skeptic with regards to hypnotherapy. I am happy to have been proved wrong. As my pregnancy progressed I became more and more tense and anxious despite it being my 6th pregnancy. I ended up having a panic attack, I made the effort to listen to the "Preparation for Home Birth" CD as often as possible and it helped me so much. I ended up having a very calm and relaxed labour and birth of my baby, I used a TENs machine but I'm sure it wasn't working as well as it should have been. I found myself thinking about being on a beach at times during labour which almost made me laugh as I thought the CD hadn't done much for me. I would recommend these to any pregnant woman.

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I had never even have thought of using anything like this with my first 2 pregnancies but decided anything is worth a try when trying to have the best birth experience! I wasn't really expecting too much from it as I have never really been into anything like this before. I listened to the cd for a couple of months before my baby was born & it was very relaxing. I was still a bit sceptical as to how it would help me during labour, but it really did!! I found myself able to tolerate the pains better than in my previous labours as I could relax & breathe through the contractions much more effectively. I would definately recommend this to any pregnant woman.

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"Amazingly good!"

I used this cd every day from about 34 weeks, just laying on the sofa once a day, closing my eyes and listening. I honestly thought it can't be doing anything as I kept falling asleep halfway through so assumed I couldn't be hearing all that I needed to and it wouldn't be any use. Went into labour at 37 weeks, used the breathing techniques instinctively through contractions and had my baby 5 hours later without needing any pain relief, not even TENS or gas and air (although I was in a pool for a bit). I strongly believe that the breathing techniques I learnt from this disc got me through and couldn't recommend enough.

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