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EcoCreeper Eco-Friendly Babygrow

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"lovely material"

i was impressed with both the baby grow and website. The material is very soft and easy to wash. Stains seem to come out easily. Compared to other baby grows (that are ethically sound) its good value for money. The baby grow is cream and a nice shape. My son likes to use it at bed time because its so soft, however I would use it outside because the logo is a talking point. It would be nice as a present because the packaging was so nice.

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"Super soft & super comfy!"

I was very pleasantly surprised with this babygrow & would highly recommend it. I have been using it regularly for a couple of weeks now so it has had several washes & washes up beautifully each time. The material is very soft & lightweight on the baby's skin. It has mainly been worn at night by my 10 month old but has also been worn in the mornings so has seen some breakfast stains, all of which have come out really well when washed! Overall a lovely product, it was packaged beautifully so could easily be given as gift, & given that it is an eco friendly item of clothing it will no doubt appeal to a wide market. Will definitely continue to use this as a regular until he outgrows it!

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Arrives in really nice packaging! Very soft and washes well. I don't like babygrows that only have snaps on the bottom since I have to drag the whole thing over the babys head and its a little fussy to arrange the whole thing on baby. However its great otherwise, good quality.

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"soft and comfortable"

This product came in lovely packaging and I think if it was being given as a gift it would be lovely to recieve! The babygrow washes really well and even after several washes its still lovely and soft! its quite a plain and simple babygrow which I love as it looks so clean and lovely and when i put it on my daughter after her bath! The company seems really eco friendly and I also like that about this product, however I do think its quite pricey for a babygrow but then i guess to get a good quality economical product you expect to pay slightly more!

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