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"bit of a let down..."

When I received the easy lunch box I have to say I was quite disappointed. It is in no way deep enough to be useful as a lunch box (well not for any of my children anyway). If I wanted to use it for this purpose I would need to send them to school with 2 boxes as it is too shallow to accommodate fruit for example, which kind of defeats the purpose in my opinion. I did actually find a use for it and that was as a holder for tortilla chips and dips and for this purpose it works perfectly as the 2 smaller compartments keep everything separate and hold a reasonable amount of dip in each. Construction wise it was excellent - sturdy product and the lid sealed tight.

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"Just another plastic tub"

Having 2 school aged children it's important to ensure they have a good lunch to see them through the day and of course that lunch needs a container to keep it nice and fresh. The easy lunch box is much like any other tuppaware box or plastic container with it's see through box and plastic lid, which comes in a variety of colours. The lid is designed to be easy for younger children to take off which is a good idea as it's stops them struggling to open their lunch but doesn't keep food as fresh as it could....a few days with a handful of fresh strawberries and they had gone off.......it isn't suitable for "wet" foods to be transported and has even come loose on a few occasions we've used the box when going out on a picnic....which would not be good in a school/work lunch situation as it could mean loosing half of your lunch. The compartments are a good idea and just about the right size for a sandwich (though i still use a food bag as well for added freshness) cherry tomatoes and grapes....or other similar sized foods....however you can't fit in larger things like apples etc...and my childrens lunches usually include (as well as sandwhich, tomatoes and grapes) an apple/banana, a fromage frais, packet of crisp and a biscuit treat.....which of course wont fit within the easy lunch box. In this respect it's not really a suitable lunch box for my children who are 4 and 6 as all their lunch doesn't fit inside it, but it's too big to fit in lunch bags designed for their ages....any larger back pack that would fit the easy lunch box, additional food and their drink would simply be too big for them to manage. I'm sure for high school aged children it would be far more suitable, though still wouldn't fit in all the lunch they'd need. The product is good quality but for the price you're just as well of choosing a similar, unbranded, design....or for a smaller child sticking with the popular childrens design lunch bags and boxes that come with enough sapce for the food and drink they'd need, have handles or straps and feature their beloved characters. It is by no means a bad product,it does it's job as long as you're not wanting to store foods in it or take more then can fit in it's small compartments..........but it really is just another plastic tub.

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"good product"

Unfortunately recieved this just after my son had broken up from school, but we have used it on days out! My son was impressed as he said 'the wet stuff won't touch my sandwich'which is a good point as a lot of children are quite funny about that. The lid stayed on well and was easy for my son to open. Managed to fit a normal size packed lunch in for him and food kept well. I would think about buying this product for school lunches as I like the separate compartments. It is fairly good value for money.

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"great product"

I have the easy lunch box. This product is great, it has 3 compartments, 1 large and 2 smaller, this is great for portion control. i used this lunch box on a day out to the zoo, it fitted a full sandwich in the bigger compartment and i had chopped up cucumber and cheese in the smaller compartments, the food stayed fresh all day and my boys enjoyed having their dinner out of it as it was easy and kept the food seperated. The easy lunch boxes are a little more expensive than normal boxes but i would defintly buy the kit. You can buy them in packs of four or the kit which comes with four lunch boxes and an insulated bag. The boxes are easy to clean and can stack together when not being used. I will be buying more boxes and the bag as this is a great product and saves using lots of differant sized boxes.

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