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Early Bird Swift Ovulation Test

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"easy to use"

When the product arrived I was at the stage in my cycle where I was 'good to go' so I was able to use it straight away. The instructions were easy to follow and written without any of the usual medical jargon. The product is great but if I was going to buy it I would look out for a pack that had at least a 3 month supply, especially if I had been trying for longer than a year. The size and shape also make it easy to use and overall I think it is a fantastic value package especially with the free pregnancy test!

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"Easy to use"

I found the product really easy to use but I thought you could do with more than five sticks to use. Good product and clear instructions though.

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"How do you like your eggs?"

I tested this product at the recommended time and had four negative results and one inconclusive. I am about to embark on fertility treatment, so I was excited to give Early Bird Ovulation tests a try, but I am not disappointed by the results. I do wish there were more than five tests, as I can't help but think what if I tested on a sixth test and got a result as my cycle was longer than I calculated. I like that it comes with a pregnancy test, but also think this factor may hinder sales from women who have been trying for a while to get pregnant as it could appear that the price may be higher as it comes with a test you might not need. It may also take away the excitement of buying test when your cycle is late. The packaging on the front of the box looks old fashioned, and the photographic image is not very appealing. The woman holding the baby looks sad, not happy to have her long awaited child in her arms. I do however like the name Early Bird very much. This product was super easy to use, offered fast results, was very accurate, and simple to read. Thank you for letting me try this product. I googled the price and it was fair for the quality of the product, but as I use ovulation kits regularly, I would buy in bulk the sticks rather than more expensive ones with the full plastic pen and lid system.

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"room for improvement"

Gave this product a try on the "right" days as per the instructions. Unfortunately with only five test sticks I did not get any positive results. Although the price for five is reasonable it tell you to use another pack if no result making this very expensive unless you have a perfect cycle. I also found a free pregnancy test not a bonus.. if I was to use this the entire time I was trying to conceive I would have lots which would be v depressing. This I feel is aimed more for a buy it once customer. Having said all that it was easy to use. Clear and concise instructions and found the test sticks to be substantial and the results are nice and clear. Personally I feel that the pack would benefit from loosing the pregnancy test and having maybe 8 sticks. Alternatively offer a range to cater for all, small five pack with free pregnancy test or larger without.

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"Room for improvement"

Not enough test sticks! I tested from day 11 as suggested on the instructions. I got a positive on the 5th stick. Very clear and easy to use but because of the lack of test sticks, I was testing every other day. It would be something I would consider purchasing in the future if there were more test sticks. I think 7 would be ideal. Very reasonable price. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. Results were clear too. Very simple to use. The free pregnancy test doesn't really need to be in there. I'd rather have 2 extra ovulation test sticks. I did the preg test anyway even though I was unsuccessful in becoming pregnant this month. It didn't work! It wouldnt absorb the urine so it was pointless anyway!

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"easy to use"

My kit arrived just at the right time so i was able to use them straight away. The instructions were very easy to read and understand. I liked the ease of use the sticks had with the easy to read window on each stick. I used it as stated on the instructions but found that there were not enough sticks for my needs. I think having more sticks would be more beneficial say for the whole month. You would then be able to get more idea of when you ovulate. Overall i think the product is good for those ladies who have a pretty good idea as to when they are due to ovulate. But for those that don't to have different length or timed cycles there needs to be more test sticks in the packs, otherwise it starts to become quite expensive if you have to buy lots of the 5pack test sticks. I think adding a pregnancy test to the kit is a great idea,but there does need to be an option of being able to buy a pack that has a months supply of tests.

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i recieved the tests very quickly but had to wait a while for my cycle to come to the right time, unfortunately i did use all the sticks and all came back negative so as someone else said it would have been useful to have more sticks but at least i knew i wasnt ovulating, im sure would have been a great product had i had a positive result!

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"Easy to use, good value!"

I had to wait for my cycle to make sure i did this right, it is the first time i have used anything like this. It was very easy to use and the instructions were easy to understand. I used the tests from my 11th day like it suggested, but no test came up as positive. Maybe i ovulate earlier or later than the normal people. I liked the free pregnancy test as i was still hopeful, i found that easy to use too, but i still wasnt pregnant :-( If I do not get pregnant within a few months then i would buy this product, i felt it was good value for money, although i agree with others that maybe 7 sticks would be handier than 5. Good luck to all those trying!

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