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"great toy for a toddler"

My son was very excited to receive the little man and his police bike. It also came with a little set if traffic lights and a traffic cone. His face lit up when he first saw it. He didnt put it down for half an hour!! I think he would enjoy this product a lot more though with the full police station duplo set as its not something that could entertain him for much longer just by itself. The bricks are perfect though for his little fingers and he had no trouble fitting them together. Im not sure if i would pay £8.99 for the few bits that you get in this little set but definitely worth it if you have more duplo to connect it with. Overall a good product and very easy for a toddler to play with.

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"Very excited"

Lego Duplo Police Truck - My little boy (4) was extremely excited to rip open the packaging of the police truck whilst exclaiming loudly that it was the best toy ever and he would play with it every day! I was surprised how long he did play with it for considering when all the pieces are put together to make the truck, there are not many pieces left over to play with. I took it apart and asked him to see if he could rebuild, and he did without a problem. The pieces are bigger than lego and much easier for his age group. My little girl (2) loved it too (when she was allowed to touch it!). The pieces have been thrown, fought over and trodden on, but show no signs of wear and tear. They are easy to keep clean, easy for little fingers to put together, and the size of the pieces are suitable for the little ones. I would recommend the police truck, although it would be better with a few extra pieces. Better for 1 child. Sharing is difficult with few pieces.

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"lots of fun"

we recieved 2 duplo sets and the children amazed me i thought there would be lots of arguments over bits and pieces but they all played well my youngest son is 2 then i have sophie who is 4 then thomas he's 6 and all three of them played for hours with them they have had lots of different ideas with them i would definatley buy more duplo as they do lots of different sets and so much variety all my children loved the sets they do get played with quite alot duplo will definatley be on my christmas things this year i would recommend for children of all ages

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My 2yr old twin boys have been playing none stop with Salty the Dockside Diesel, Spencer & Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas Load & Carry and Gordon Duplo sets. The first day we got them they couldn't wait to get them out the box. Each train had 3/4 pieces to it so it was really easy for them to to put together, in fact i got told off when i tried to help. The pieces are large enough to be manageable for little fingers yet interesting enough to keep older children amused too. They are easily cleaned which is really helpful when they get taken on trips in the garden. These sets have been thrown, kicked, crashed, smashed to name a few and they are still in immaculate condition, they stand up to the torture of 2yr old's extremely well. These Duplo sets have been played with over and over again, they are the first toys out and the last toys away - they even sit at the dinner table with us ! The only down point i could find is not all the sets come with track, so you would need to buy the larger sets to get the track included or buy it separately. Overall i would definitely recommend them, they have kept my boys entertained for hours on end with no fighting, which is a miracle.

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