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Dubble Trubble by Galvin&Galvin London

Dubble Trubble by Galvin&Galvin London
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Daniel Galvin Jr's new range can be purchased from Morrisons stores with proceeds going to The Prince's Trust

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"Loved the smell "

We all loved this product, it didn't sting at all, foamed nicely and the smell was amazing, my daughters hair still had a lovely fresh smell days after. Great value for money as the tube lasted ages.

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"Lovely Product"

Dubble Trouble, 2 in 1 Shampoo & Body Wash (Cool Cucumber) After convincing my daughter to use this (because the packaging was green, she insisted it was only for boys!), we found it to be a really lovely product. We only used a tiny amount, which lathered up really well. It was also handy having the shampoo and body wash in one, meaning no swapping over of bottles whilst trying to wrangle a wet toddler in the shower. The only downfall, in my opinion, was that the product didn't really smell of anything. We had the Cucumber variant so this may be different for the other products in the range. At £2.50 though, it is priced similarly to other products out there, although slightly more expensive than standard baby products. Overall, a really nice product and I would definitely use again.

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"Smell beautiful"

We have the cherry body wash and shampoo along with the cucumber detangling spray. Both smell lovely and are not over powering like other, similar, child products. My son has enjoyed using both; particularly the spray which he'll remind me to use. The 2 in one wash faced a difficult task as my Son had been in a cast and unable to bathe properly for the previous 6 weeks which meant it had some tough grime and dead skin to deal with, not once did my Son complain when we used this! All in all a lovely product the only thing that would put me off is the price as it is more expensive than what I would usually pay.

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"Very Fruity"

2-1 Shampoo & Body Wash (Watermelon & Bananaberry) & Detangling Conditioner Spay (Cool Cucumber) Firstly both the shampoo & body wash's smelt good enough to eat. Strong fruity fragrance that worked easily into a lather. The tubes had a flip top with a small hole so very good with little fingers as only a small amount came out(which was ample). With this in mind a little goes a long way and has definitely lasted well in our house. I've also visited the local swimming pool and and guess what, it even overpowers the chlorine smells. My children also like the bright packaging too. Initially i wasn't impressed with the detangling spray as it went on very finely like water. I didn't like the subtle cucumber fragrance either. But to my suprise it worked. Little or no knots and smelt much better the following morning with dry hair. All products were equivalent to competitors designer and branded products on the market. I look forward to trying the other body wash flavors.

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"Would buy again"

I was given the cherry body & hair wash to trial and I found it a delight to use. Both my 3 year old daughter and I love the smell and she didn't cry when the soap got into her eyes. I would definitely buy it again as a change from her usual baby products.

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"Good product"

Dubble Trubble hair detangler has worked wonders on my daughters knotty hair! We found it worked better than other well known brand detanglers. The smell was quite strong, but my three year old liked it. The body wash and shampoo has also worked a treat and we've managed 2 hair washes with no tears. This smells really nice!

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