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WOW these dribblebusters are amazing. I hate when my babies are teething and dribbling and we are out and I have to cover up their nice clothes with big bibs. The dribblebuster avoids this! They are so small and look great on. The amount of people that came up to me when out with my youngest daughter to ask where I bought the bid was amazing. They come in so many colours and designs that there is one for nay outfit you would have for your little one. Highly recommended and also a fab gift idea for any friend or family with little ones :-)

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Wow what a difference the Dribblebuster has made. I am no longer changing clothes 3/4 times a day due to dribble, which has meant I'm no longer washing ten ton of clothing or doing extra ironing. Paige's clothes look clean and presentable for much longer, which is a miracle. It is so soft and gentle round my babies chin and neck. The Dribblebuster has been in and out the wash and hasn't altered at all unlike bibs that shrink, fade and go scratchy. A fantastic buy for any parent !

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"great buy!"

I was pleased to be chosen to test a dribble buster as Charlie is teething and seems to be dribbling everywhere! I received it quickly and put it straight on. Charlie tried to remove it straight away - as he does with bibs, but the velcro (which attaches at the back of the neck) is really strong and Charlie couldnt pull it off! It is smaller than a bib and doesnt ruin the outfits appearance - also there are loads to choose from so you can buy one which suits every outfit in the closet! One thing i was uncertain about was whether the dribble would miss the dribble buster as it is so small - but it didnt seem to, the clothes stayed dry and dribble free. The label needs to be sewn on all 4 sides or maybe have a different type of label altogether, as Charlie liked to pull at it and got his fingers stuck a few times. But that was the only negative. I intend to purchase one of these for my neice, and i will definately recommend these to my friends!

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what a fantastic product-callum looked so cute in his dribblebuster and couldnt pull it off as the velcro is strong! it is great for when he is teething and callum has a habit of dribbling his juice everywhere and the dribblebuster is excellent at keeping his clothes dry. the dribblebuster we recieved was white and blue checked and looks great with most of his t shirts. A must have gift idea for anyone with a dribbly baby!!!!

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"Howdy Cowgirl"

I purchased a pink spotty Dribblebuster as Isabella is teething and I don't like to see her permanently wearing bibs. Plus she can now pull her velcroey bibs off. My first impression when it arrived was that it was well packaged and beautifully made. The fabric is excellent quality and very soft. The velcro is strong and she was unable to pull it off herself. After she wore it for a few hours the back of her neck was red raw from where the top of the velcro had rubbed her neck folds. I looked at the velcro and noticed that it was sewn off centre on one side which had caused the problem. I contacted Dribblebuster and let them know and they couldn't have been more helpful. They sent a replacement out straight away which was perfect and she has been wearing it ever since! I'm especially impressed with the backing fabric which is some kind of brushed cotton. It is extremely absorbant and feels dry to her skin even when the top layer is soaking wet. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase more of these and the customer service is second to none. Pricewise I think that the rrp is quite expensive especially when compared with bibs although the quality does reflect this.

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"Absolutely fantastic !"

I was so pleased when we were selected to try the dribblebuster and it arrived in no time. First impressions were it was like a miniature bandana and it was really well made. India seemed to like wearing the dribblebuster which was a relief as bibs usually get pulled off. Anyhow I wish I had come across these sooner, they seem to absorb the dribble without it actually showing up on the dribblebuster - a huge improvement to the constant changing of outfits and wet patches! The dribblebuster washes and irons really well too, I'm definitely going to have to invest in some more and would love matching baby bandanas for her to wear in her hair - not many shops sell pretty ones for little ones. Anyhow thank you for letting us test and we'd recommend them to any other dribbly babies xx

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I was really glad to be chosen to test The Dribblebuster because Lilli is getting new teeth and I was changing her t shirts 3 or 4 times a day. She looks so cute in the dribblebuster as well we got the lovely strawberry one will put a pic on blog soon. It soaks up so much drool and looks good too. The only thing is the label Lilli kept sticking her finger in it, but my mum stitched it down so she couldnt do that anynmore.

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"So glad I bought one!"

I cant be negative about this product at all. My son has been wearing his for weeks now, and its certainly helped a lot toward saving his lovely outfits from the dreaded dribble. He's even worn it on warmer days and it hasnt been a problem. He suffers from a little Excema on his face and neck which has been brought on by the fact that he is dribbling, so obviously its great than he can wear something other than a bib to help absorb it. To round up, if you have a dribbly baby, then this is definately something to consider. I am thinking of buying another for when one is in the wash, at the moment its a mad panic to get it dry ready for use again.

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"loved it"

Got the dribblebuster bib from my sister. Loved it it goes with most of her clothes as they are pink. Will be buying another one they are great.

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"great bib!"

This bib is great, lovely design and really does keep clothes dry! Perfect product for a Teething baby! I also found that it was a little bigger than other brands of bibs, meaning my son would wear it with no fuss (he hates feeling anything around his neck).

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"lovely, stylish bib"

I'm really pleased to have tried this dribblebuster bib as my baby has started teething and is pretty dribbly. The bib arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper and instantly I could see the high quality of this product when I opened it. The fabric used to make the bib is beautiful and the back of the bib is so soft. It does a great job of soaking up dribble and left no chafing marks or wet patches on my little one. It also looks really cute. It washes well and keeps its shape even after I put it in the dryer. Top marks for a fab bib.

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"Lovely product! Wish I'd found it earlier!"

I received my Dribblebuster last week in the post. It arrived and was beautifully packaged. I love Liberty prints and the pattern worked with lots of outfits. The bib itself was super soft underneath with a brushed cotton and the Liberty fabric on the top was silky to touch. My LO had been suffering with a sore neck from teething but since wearing this it has gone as it's really absorbent. I found that the poppers were really secure and the bib did not ruck up like other bandana style bibs. At first I thought it was a little expensive however I think it's definitely worth paying for as the quality is lovely.

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"Stylish and great quality "

We've been using the Dribblebuster for 2 weeks now and is by far the best bib we've had. I have the strawberry one which I absolutely love the style. Every time my little girl has been wearing it everyone has commented on how beautiful it is and everyone loves how it looks. The quality of the fabric is fantastic it is so soft and doesn't seem to irritate my little girls neck at all. The front of the bib got soaked with dribble and she was also sick so was definitely put to the test straight away and I was amazed at how much went on the bib and the moisture was absorbed and the back was completely dry which was fantastic. It also has 2 poppers on the back so you can make it bigger as your baby grows which is great and much better than velcro. It has been washed quite a few times and the pattern has not faded and it washes really well. The price of the product is more expensive than other bibs you could get in the supermarket but is reflected in the quality. I would definitely recommend this product.

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First of all I love this product because of the lovely patterns they have available. It is really soft and fits well. It is super absorbent, better than any other bib I've had and does the job! Highly recommended!

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"Nice, but a little pricy "

In my opinion the only difference between these bibs and others on the market is the price. Don't get me wrong, the patterns are really lovely but not worth the money (£9.99) just to be dribbled on. Maybe having 1 would be nice to keep for a special occasions.

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