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Dr Brown's Natural Flow Trainer Cups

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"Great first cup"

Purchased one of these for my son when he was 5 months old, found it better without the handles. Can sometimes leak if you don't put the inside in properly. Overall excellent, great for teething with the soft drinking tip, would recommend this!

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"Not for us"

Unfortunatly this cup was not for us, my little boy just couldn't use the spout, it is very thin and he didn't like putting his mouth around it he just tried to bite it and got very frustrated. It does seem a good cup if you can get your child to use it but also is a bit pricey. I did like the handels on the cup they seemed easy to hold for my son and the colours were all nice and bright.

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"Love it"

Fantastic cup my little girl took to it straight away. After trying lots of others with little success was so pleased she took to this cup so well. With all the hot weather I had been really worried that my little one wouldn't drink any water but with this she drank loads. Great cup looks nice easy to clean and good value. The only down point is that the handle moves which my little one found quite frustrating. All in all a great first cup that I would highly recommend.

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"Very good"

I got one of these for my 4 month old little girl as her 1st trainer cup. She used it with ease, managed to drink out of it with no problem at all. I know with my eldest 2 boys they struggled with various trainer cups to get the drink out. It's easy to clean too as it all comes apart. I use the soft teats with my daughter being so young.

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"Great first cup"

This is a great first cup to use. It has a soft teat and must have felt quite natural to my daughter as she drank from it straight away. Most cups claim to be leak proof but this one definately is. It has been taken all over the place as she will not drink water from anything else. It is also very durable because it has been shook around like a rattle and dropped many times from the high chair and it is still perfectly fine and still leak free. It is excellent quality and really easy to use and clean. The Dr Brown training cup is around the same price as other products on the market. I would recommend Dr Browns products to anyone as I also use Dr Brown Anti Colic bottles for my daughter too and have only ever had good experiences with their products.

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"didn't leak........"

I was given a Pink Dr, Browns Natural Flow Trainer Cup to try out with my mindee. Having had four of my own children I think I may have pretty much tried EVERY non-spill cup going since they began!!!! This one is very similar in basic design to most others in that it has a silicone valve system, the difference with this one is that the valve is a large disc that fits to another disc that is then pushed into the spouted lid part. Taking it apart and washing it is very very easy too, no little bits to get lost. On first use both my mindee and my son found thius easy to drink from, and it didn't leak, even when my mindee was shaking it like mad!!!! Thank god as I have new carpet!!!!! Now we have had it for a little while I noticed my mindee wasn't drinking from it anymore, I thought it was because she was bored with it and wanted my sons juice bottle, but it turns out she can't get anything out of it and I don't know why!!! I have tried taking it apart and re-washing it and putting back together and still even I can't get anything out of it. So we are no longer using it.

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"A cup she likes!"

We've been looking for a cup for my daughter for a couple of months after her favourite smashed after being thrown on the floor. After trying a few from leading brands which she didn't get on with we tried the Dr Browns. The cup itself is a similar size to a bottle with a handle which can be removed. The spout is a hard one which is supposed to be good for teething babies. We gave it to my daughter and straight away she started drinking from it. No messing about like she does with other cups (she usually shows disapproval by spitting the contents out and then flinging the cup onto the floor). Since we've been using this cup she has been successfully drinking more fluids which is great news. It's easy to use for both us as parents and her as a baby. It has a valve which makes it non spill and this is easily removed for washing, and it has a cap to keep the spout clean when out and about. I wasn't sure on how it would look when I first saw a picture online but in the flesh it is fine, it just looks like a tinted baby bottle with a coloured lid and handle (ours is pink). I'm not sure I'd pay the £4.99 retail price to try it out but in saying that unless there's a supermarket offer on a lot of the branded cups are in the £4-5 range so it's probably quite competitive and seeing as I know it works well for my daughter I may need to invest in another one. So far it appears to be more durable than her last favourite cup as it has withstood many throws onto the floor from the highchair and hasn't suffered any! I haven't found any bad points with it yet, and can't really see that there would be any. In summary, a cup that works for us which I'm very pleased with.

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