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Don't Think About Purple Elephants

Don't Think About Purple Elephants
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"Wonderful book!"

I had no idea what to expect with this book... What a throughly wonderful and lovely story! My 3 and a half year old loves it! The husband loves it, and so do I. So far my daughter hasn't experienced these sort of worries, but it's an excellent book to help any children who do. In its own right, it's a great story, it flows beautifully and the illustrations are fantastic! They accompany the story perfectly, giving parents lots to talk about with their children when reading it. I would highly recommend this book!

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"Lovely story"

I love the colour contrast on the front cover and it made me really intrigued as to what the story would be about. The plot follows a little girl who worries at night a lot and her mother gives her advice on how to not worry and therefore sleep. I like this book because many children worry, especially as night and it's a story they can relate to with a solution that they could perhaps try out for themselves. I would say the book had a more feminine feel to it so would suit little girls. It is beautifully illustrated as well. Although the book isn't entirely relevent to my 8 month old boy, he enjoyed looking at the pictures. It's also easy for him to hold and turn the pages because it's a large book.

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"Attractive cover"

The book arrived today and we've already read it four times and again for bedtime. The cover is very bright and attractive, the illustrations are nice with a good amount of detail. The story would be great if your child was a little worrier. It's priced at 7.95 which I feel is a little steep for this size of the story/book. I would recommend this book to a friend.

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