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Dobble Card Game

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"Fun, fast...but a bit pricey"

We have had great fun playing Dobble. It is recommended for ages 6+ and it was great for all the family despite our boys having a 5 year age gap. Lots of laughs and a few friendly arguments. The game is a mixture between the traditional game of snap and Pictureka and there are five mini games in one. They are all quick, fun games and ideal for after dinner round the table and it would make a brilliant game for taking on holiday as it is compact enough to pack without taking up valuable space. My only slight reservation or criticism would be the price, mainly because the game is so small and compact you wouldn't necessarily believe it was worth £12.99 if you were to see it in the shop. There is an advertisement for another similar game in the rules of this game - I would be tempted by this but would be happier of the RRP was between £7.99 and £9.99. Overall this is great fun for all and think it will be a regular in our household.

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"Great family fun!"

This really is a great family friendly game. The game itself is a picture card game which has 5 mini game options so you can play different ways. As a busy mum it can be hard to fit in those quality family times of simply having fun with the kids but with Dobble each game is at a fairly quick pace so you can have as many rounds as time allows. The recommended age is for 6+ and I would agree with this to play the game correctly my 8 year old easily understood the rules and how to play. However as an addition my 3.5 year old wanted to play with us and by slightly changing the rules to accommodate her slower response the whole family could play together. The game comes in a handy tin to keep the cards stored in and is a good size for putting in a bag for long train journey, flights etc. My only negative of this game would be the RRP of £12.99 as it is in effect a pack of cards in a tin and feel that a price of £9.99 would be much more appealing to the purchaser and for its value. I would definitely recommend this game to friends with children.

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