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Dentinox Teething Gel and Toothpaste

Dentinox Teething Gel and Toothpaste
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Dentinox Teething Gel is an effective method of relieving your baby's teething pain and soothing their sore gums. While some babies go through teething with no symptoms or fussiness at all, most will show some signs of discomfort such as drooling, chewing, swollen gums, irritability, refusal to eat and trouble sleeping.

There are many remedies to help with teething, but Dentinox Teething Gel is a popular and effective product to help soothe your baby's discomfort. It can be used straight from birth so no matter how young your baby starts teething, you can help relieve their pain with some Dentinox Teething Gel.

Dentinox Teething Gel contains Lidocaine, which is a local aesthetic that numbs the pain and discomfort, as well as Cetylpyridinium, which has anti-septic properties to help prevent infection. The gel is also sugar free so you don't have to worry about your baby getting a sugar rush when you use it!

To apply the gel, simply put a small amount onto your finger and gently rub it onto your baby's gums. You can apply more every three hours if necessary but try not to exceed six applications in a day.

Dentinox Teething Gel has a pleasant taste so your baby won't mind you rubbing it on their gums and may even try to lick it off your fingers!

Dentinox is an old and trusted brand that has been helping parents look after their babies for over 50 years. Many parents have attested to the effectiveness of Dentinox Teething Gel so you should definitely give it a go if your baby has started showing the signs of teething.

Main Features

  • Contains Lidocaine and Cetylpyridinium
  • Sugar Free
  • Pleasant tasting for babies
  • Suitable to use from birth

What we like

  • Clear instructions: Dentinox Teething Gel comes with very informative instructions on how to apply it, how much to use etc.

  • Good value for money: The gel is affordable and you only need to use a small amount at a time for it to be effective.

  • Works quickly: The effects of Dentinox Teething Gel can be seen quite quickly after application so your baby doesn't have to be in pain for long.

What we dislike

  • Wears off quickly: Some parents have found that it only provides relief for a short period of time so they would have to apply it frequently.

Customer Reviews

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"Best teething gel"

I tried all the different brands of teething gel with my first boy + found nothing soothed his pain as much as the dentinox gel. Whilst pregnant with my second, I noticed the gel was on offer in the supermarket so stocked up! So far it's having the same soothing effect as on my first, brilliant stuff.

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"instant teething pain relief for the short term"

My son is six months old and is showing no signs of a tooth erupting but showing all the classic signs that teething is happening. Dentinox Teething Gel instantly soothes his sore gums, he gleefully rubs his sore gums on our finger when we apply the gel to his bottom front gum. You can re apply after about 20 mins which is perfect for my son who seems to go in fits and starts when he is having a teething tantrum.

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"Helps my early teether "

Our little one started teething at 8 weeks, we were shocked that it could happen so early. We tried all we could but limited choice due to his age. After a screaming trip to the chemists, we saw this gel can be used from birth. It does help and brings relief for the poor little man,when I have tried all my other tricks have failed.

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"Teething gel=Fab!"

I have only used the teething gel so can't comment on the toothpaste. My daughter has really suffered with her teething- every tooth has been a complete nightmare (i guess every child is different). We're upto the 10th tooth now. Half way through the teething process I thought i'd give dentinox a try as bongela (baby) really didn't seem to make a slight bit of difference. Although I can't say it's miracle gel for us it was a marked improvement on the bongela. My daughter seems to like the taste too! Not a lot i can say really- works on my daughter- may work on your child. I'm sure if you are desperate enough like I was you'll try anything to help your baby stop suffering the dreaded pain of teething!

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"Good value compared to other brands"

User friendly packaging and directions for use, both the toothpaste and teething gel are simple to use. I switched to detinox teething gel as bongela is more expensive after asking at the pharmacy what the difference was and realised it's just the name brand I switched. My 10 month old loves the taste, and wants more, however I believe the numbing affect last temporarily, possibly 20 mins to an hour I suppose? But I guess it may vary on babies as they are all different, my daughter seems to settle and appear less fretful once applied, but manufacturing an applicator or so wouldn't go amiss for ease of use as using your finger or cotton you tend to apply more as it can be difficult to get on the gums, as some babies like to suck. But definitely good value for money, worth investing during teething. Toothpaste, very easy to use, mini toothbrush very handy, I also doubled as an applicator for the gel. My daughter seemed to love the taste of the paste, so overall we were both happy with the products.

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"Eases the pain of those naughty little teeth!"

I have tried other teething gels on the market but my child has never like the taste and promptly closed his mouth shut when ever I tried to apply it to his sore gums, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my little boy willing took to this gel and enjoyed the taste. It certainly calmed him down and the unsettled crying stopped at least for an hour. I also gave the toothpaste a try and again, he didn't mind the taste. Unfortunetly there is not much literature that accompanies the toothpaste and I would of liked to have known what makes it more beneficial than other child's toothpaste on the market as it certainly works out more expensive. My 10 month old also hated the finger brush applicator being placed in his mouth as it is rather large. I would certainly use the teething gel again and this will be my preferred brand. As for the toothpaste unless there was some specific beneficial reasons to use it I would probably give it a miss and use a normal child's toothpaste.

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"Worked for us!"

Have used the teething gel with both children so was intrigued by the toothpaste. It's quite expensive but I have to say that it really did work for us. My 11 month old has recently gone through a terrible bout of teething (diarrhoea, constant dribbling, sore bottom etc) but the toothpaste definitely helped. It comes with a handy little plastic brush that fits on your finger so you can brush his teeth and gums easily, he loves chewing his toothbrush so the bristles get worn down really easily, however, with this plastic brush he still chews on it but so far hasn't made a mark on it! Would definitely recommend to mums and dads with teething tots!

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"Amazing "

My son was born teething ( I know unlucky) X I couldn't find any teething products suitable from birth apart from this one and it's brilliant. It soothes instantly - I highly recommend it as you don't need to use a lot to help the pain. It's great value for money too.

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"this is great!!"

I think this works a treat! Makes my six month old a much happier little girl as her first two bottom teeth come through!

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"Wasn't as effective"

My daughter started teething at 4 weeks old and trying to find a product that was suitable for her age was hard. I came across Dentinox teething gel and gave it a go. Tried rubbing it direct onto gums and putting some on the dummy but it wasn't as effective as I hoped. Had to go to the chemist to get something stronger.

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"good for sore gums!"

My daughter has no teeth yet, but I think they are just under the gum ready to break through. This can make her very irritable and red cheeked. I used Detinox gel with my previous 3 children, even though that was some time ago now but I have found its still as effective. As previous reviewers said I find it works best for my 6 month old at the moment, if I smear it on her dummy. If she's grouchy with her gums I always find it helps to calm her. Highly recommend as a teething product, does what it says on the tin!

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"Teething gel on dummy"

Like a previous poster I find squeezing this onto my little boy's dummy really effective! Less likely to just lick it off then!

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This teething gel was recommended to me, it's fantastic. My little boy likes the taste, I find rubbing it on his dummy helps to soothe him quickly. It's very good value for money also. I can't rate it high enough!

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"great stuff"

Found this so much better than other brands that I've use. She loves the taste too. Can recommend enough.

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My little one started showing signs for teething really early on so we have used this on and off and it really helps to calm him down! Sometimes we have to apply it twice but after the second application it always works. He's also loves the taste of it too which is great as he happily opens his mouth for us to rub it on his gums

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"Not for us"

Can't say that this ever really helped. Especially not with the back teeth! Trying to rub it on the gums without getting bitten is not easy! I'd say this item is good in the early stages when cutting the first teeth.

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"Fantastic!! Better than the rest!!"

I have used Dentinox Teething Gel for both my babies, and i must say by far this is the best product on the market. I have tried the other big brands but my babies always end up screaming again after 20 minutes. I love that you can use this every 15 minutes!! I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old and it is one of the essential items in their medicine cabinet!! I have already recommended to lots of friends!

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Dentinox Gel is the only thing I've found that works. I've used it on both my children to ease teething pain and its always appeared to give them instant relief. Being able to give it every 20mins is a bonus too.

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"great for newborns"

as my dd was 5 weeks when she started teething i was very limited to what to use. as these are from birth we gave them a go and never looked back. she's now 2 and cutting her last back teeth and still use this gel. tried other brands but she didn't like them

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"Gel is FAB!"

The gel works really well, better than so well known brands... Great taste too.. Toothpaste is a bit odd, I don't see how it is a teething toothpaste as it has nothing in to help teething? Theres also not enough fluroride in it for what is recommended in my area but thats due to my location not the paste!

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"excellent for purpose"

i have been using these products on my daughter who recently has had lots of trouble with teething. i found the gel has worked alot better than the other brands on the market. i put some on my tongue when i first opened it and it creates a numbing effect which is great for painful teething times. i also found that using the toothpaste with the finger tooth brush helped to massage her gums when she was very irritable and it helped calm her down.

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"Teething gel and toothpaste"

I have used this product with my son since he started teething as he has been very upset when his new teeth came through. The gel really seemed to help sooth the pain and ease him. I was pleased with how quickly it seemed to work. I used the toothpaste for a while with him but wasn't convinced that this was right for us as it didn't contain any flouride. However I loved the finger brush for cleaning his teeth as it was easy to use and seemed to cause minimal distress. All in all I would say that the gel was really great - worth having!

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"good for money "

very good value for the money, my son has been teething since 4 months and dentinox was the only one that seemed to help with the pain, my son seemed to like the taste and didnt pull away from having it put in, the toothpaste i found is good and u get a toothbruch for the finger so its easier to bruch babies teeth, paste n smell are ok, i found it easier to bruch my sons teeth, would recommend very good for money

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"great product"

i have been using these products on my daughter who reciently has had lots of trouble with teething i found the gel has worked at lot better than the other brands on the market i put some on my tonge when i first opened it and it creates a numbing effect which is great for painful teething times. i also found that using the toothpaste with the finger tooth brush helped to massarge her gums when she was very irritable and it helped calm her down. i know the items are not as cheap as some of the other brands out there bt they are by far a lot better and i am going to continue to use these products in the future.

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Eva is now a year old and has started teething again. Her first eight teeth came through without any problem but she has been quite distressed this time around. I have been using the teething gel and this has calmed her down quite quickly, she likes the taste and opens her mouth for more! It is better value for money compared to the other leading brand so I will be buying this again. I have recently been using the toothpaste as well, I do not use the applicator, which looks like it would be good for the first bout of teething (before teeth) I'm scared that she will bite right through it. I use the toothpaste on her usual toothbrush and this works well, she likes the taste and I'm sure it's helping, a bit difficult to know for sure as it is just used at toothbrushing times not like the gel, but I am going to continue using it as any help is good!

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