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Cuties & Pals Kids Luggage

Cuties & Pals Kids Luggage
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Finally got logged back into to leave a review on this fab little luggage set. Firstly these are super cute. We have the Panda set and they are great for boys and girls! They are hard cased so things are safe inside. As in previous reviews- we took these on holiday and they passed through hand luggage no problems. My little ones use it at home to pretend they are going on holiday! THey are played with alot and are still fully intact. Very sturdy and particularly impressed the zips are still on! Overall a good fun and practical item for any child.

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"adourable. loved this luggage set"

I recieved the cutes and pals luggage set from picture case and wow was i super impressed. We used this set on our 2 week holiday to ibiza. 21st july- 4th august We got the little grey owl set and i have to say the picture and quality of these cases is second too none. When the courier delivered the set it came in a smaller than expected card box but when i opened it what meet my eye was just the cutiest kids luggage set i had ever seen. The larger hard shell case looked small but when opened and in use the 2 fully lined compartments hold a lot. this case also has a 2 height adjustable areodinamic handle which is very strong. the shape of the handle makes the case very sturdy and it doesnt wobble when in use. my 3yr old easily used on both setting and could certainly use again and again up until around 10yrs old. The 2 zipped close was fantastic and well stitched and very strong. this case has 2 clear hard wearing wheels which wheeled smoothly on flat or rough terrain. also inside the case was a hard shell back pack, once again this was mega cute and very practical as the back and straps were made from very well padded material, making wearing very comfy for my child. the atraps were easily adjusted and didnt slip off shoulders. inside the backpack looks small but again holds loads. my son had his portable dvd player, nintendo ds, thomas trains, books, pens, sweets and a drink in it and still had room. I never checked this set in at the airport instead we choose to take it as hand luggage and it was accepted without problems. im sure if these were checked in as hold luggage they would be fine as they are very very strong and sturdy. we had many comments and a few questions too in and around the airport mainly about where to get this set and of course i was more than happy to recommend picture case. even the cabin crew on the plane asked where we got them lol. The price may seem expensive but these are top quality cases and in my opinion worth every penny. after all you only get what you pay for. im currently saving to buy 2 large adult cases to complete the collection as im 100% sure these cases will last years.

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"Very cute and sturdy"

Ive got the little panda case and its one of the most cute and adorable things i have ever seen. It hasn't been on holiday with us yet but we are going away soon so will review it again when i come back but it has been well played with and to nanny's house for a sleep over. It has an extending handle which works as a perfect height for both adult and child ( im 5'10). I was worried that the case would be scratched easily but so far any marks have just wiped off with ease. Inside the case it has 2 compartments, the front one was big enough to put a full change of clothes and a pair of shoes without pulling the material dividing the 2 parts of the case. The main part had LOTS of toys packed in, i was very impressed with the space. The case also comes with a little backpack which has adjustable straps and can be adapted to fit most children. It fitted my 3 year old and my 5 year old nicely. My 13 year old even got it on! The backpack is very lightweight and easily manageable for my 3year old to put on by herself. It was big enough for her to put 3 of her princess dolls in, a dress, pj's, toothbrush and small pumps and it was still light enough for her to carry. It was easy to clean by just giving it a quick sponge down. I was concerned about whether the case could be used as hand luggage as the panda was slightly bigger - Panda's size is 51 x 23 x 34 Hand luggage allowance 56 x 45 x 25 I took it to the airport( live very close to airport) and they are fine as hand luggage when turned on its side. They are a little on the pricey side in my opinion and as ive got 4 children im not sure i could justify the price if i had to buy one each, but on the other hand if it means the kids will pull their own cases that has got to be worth the money.

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