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Count On It Food Labels

Count On It Food Labels
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Having my 3rd son who is coming up to weaning age, I know how hard it is to keep track of what you made when, when you sling all that home-made baby food into the freezer! With my 2nd son I resorted to putting the containers inside freezer bags so I could write the dates on (more cost & hassle!), so when I started using these Count On It food labels I was very happy to have found such a great product! I am a very big believer in the best inventions & products always being the most simple ones and this product falls into that category! You simply peel the little disc shaped sticker off its backing & stick it onto your food container. I use quite small containers & they fitted great, so the size is spot on! Then there are 2 rings of numbers around the discs (1 for the day & 1 for the month), all you have to do is scratch the day & month off, it's simple! I really loved the bright pink colour that is revealed when you scratch the silver coloured top off too :) As well as using these on my baby's food, I have used them on food that I make for the rest of the family too & even opened packs of sandwich meats that are kept in the fridge, as my memory is not the best since having kids! lol I would definately recommend these to anyone, they are simple but very effective!

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"Fantasic product!"

When I first saw these advertised I thought it was a great idea, and they've lived up to my expectations. I'm forever forgetting when I've opened something and end up chucking food away that's probably ok, and I'm sure I'm not the only one with things in the freezer that I haven't a clue how long they've been there! Particularly with being pregnant at the moment I'm extra careful about not eating food that's past its use by date, and these labels have been invaluable - it's now really easy to check the sticker and see when it was opened, and far less food had ended up in the bin. I'll definitely carry on using these to date batches of baby food and milk when my daughter comes along, and also for the pre-cooked meals that I have every intention of making and freezing before the baby's here (yeah right!).

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"great product"

I love these labels they are really useful for when i am making my son a batch of food to freeze you just scratch the date on them and then you allways know when its going to go off i would deffinately carry on using these they are useful for other stuff like freezer foods that have such big boxes which if like me you take them out the box to save room in the freezer you just stick one of the labels and then you dont have to worry about when it goes of because usually the going of date is on the box. I will reccomend these to everyone

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