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Colours by Patrick George

Colours by Patrick George
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"Fantastic book!"

I totally love this book and my children thought it was amazing!! Its so fun to look through and really cleverly made. This also makes for a fab christmas pressie!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! And its the perfect size for travelling about with. My 4 year old totally loved reading it and playing with the colour pages x

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"Wow - what a great book"

This book is fantastic. Amazingly creative and my children love it and they are very intrigued by how it works. The colours are great - lovely and bright. The words are simple enough for my 4 year old who is learning to read. The pictures are of things that children are interested in, trains, ice cream, animals etc I thought the book may rip but the paper is really good quality and I have let both my children read it and no rips at all. This book is a big hit in our house. Must buy the shapes one for my children for Christmas.

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"Loved it :)"

When the book arrived I opened it and thought...dont think my girls will like this it looked more for little ones...how wrong was I!!! When they got in from school I told them there was a new book, we sat on the couch straightaway and girls took turns turning the pages, they loved it, how just a sheet of coloured acetate can change one picture. Lilli kept telling me what colour the sheet was to make it change as they are learning this at school at the moment. Amelia loved it she kept saying the colours of the pictures. They actually fight every night on who takes it to bed. Id def recommend this as it is such a different kind of book and helps children with their colours.

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"A unique and interesting way of discovering colours"

I am the kind of mum who likes a bargain and where possible I will buy things second hand especially books. However there are a few books I buy new because they are such genuinely interesting books which really appeal to children that I want to add my number to sales figures. The Hungry Caterpillar and Each Peach Pear Plum are two that fall into this category and I feel this book should be included in that group too. I have a four year old daughter, a two year old son and an 11month old baby boy. All of them enjoyed going through this book for different reasons. The baby on discovering pretty colours and animals/objects, the toddler taking the next step onto naming those colours and objects, then my school age daughter taking it to another level by discussing how the colours apparently change and what happens when certain colours are mixed. Even I was sucked in on seeing it because it is a genuinely beautiful book, so bright and inviting and with a nice little surprise which in nearly 5yrs of mother hood I have never seen before. I have already recommended this to my friends, or I should say it recommended itself as my toddler has been showing it to anyone who has entered my house.

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