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Co-operative Loved By Us Nappies

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"Great nappies, better than brand names"

As a mother of 18 month old twins, I have tried pretty much every nappy brand on the market. I was excited to hear the Co-op were bringing a range out as I have a store local to me. The nappies were good value at £4 a packet, were thin, absorbent and did not leak at all, even after 12 hours at night-time. In my opinion, they are on a par, if not better than other supermarket ranges and better than all the big nappy brands. The only downside is pack size, I would prefer to buy in bulk for the week so hopefully Co-op will have these available in larger stores.

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"Good product"

As a new mum, knowing which nappies to buy was a bit daunting. Family members and friends have brought us other brands of nappies, some a lot more expensive brand nappies and others the value range from other supermarkets. In comparison these nappies are great. Already I have noticed other nappies can leak around the legs, but we have not had this problem with these nappies and they seem to hold liquid really well. They fit well, and are 'tight' enough around the leg that I'm not worried about anything getting out!! The design on the front is unisex, so no issue with that. Sticky tabs work well, and have not come undone. Happy to buy this product at the price listed.

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"Comfortable and Flexible"

I have tried a range of different nappy brands in the past and I've not been completely satisfied with them but I think the Co-op have got it spot on with these! The nappies feel quite thin compared to other brands which I liked as they are more comfortable that way and it did not compromise the absorbancy, we didn't have any leaks with these which was great as I had started to get used to them as my daughter is on the move a lot now! All in all I think these are great nappies and would definitely buy them again.

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"Good value"

I've tried lots of nappies over the years. These nappies feel nice and soft and are thin which I like. They don't feel plastic like some I've tried. They fit both my kids in nappies very well. They are quiet absorbent but my 11mth old did leak a few times over night when he had woken for some milk. Overall a very good nappy epically for the price.

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