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"Fun and funky!"

When it comes to burping babies I've always been Team Bib rather then Team Muslin, the towelling fabric always seemed to absorb so much better and there was always such a fun range available BUT they were always let down by the length, all it took was one big projectile burp and the bib was completely missed! Clothies burp cloths combine the best of both worlds.... a thicker fabric for absorbency combined with fun fabric designs and a nice long length. The selection of patterns in the Clothies range is great fun, colourful and modern and many are unisex making them perfect for boys and girls.... or even the mums who like to keep babies gender a surprise until they arrive. Being 100% cotton on the patterned side means they're perfect for use on my children, my eldest has skin problems which we worry may develop in his siblings too, so knowing the product I'm using on my baby will be gentle on their skin gives me a lot of reassurance.... it also means the cloths are super soft. The double fabric of the cloths mean they're nice and thick, perfect for mopping up milky dribbles, they don't become quickly soaked through like many muslins and bibs do meaning babies clothes stay clean and dry and the skin around their neck doesn't get sore, it would be nice if they could fasten up around the neck in the same way bibs can but so long as you don't have a wriggly baby then you can hold them under the chin during a feed which does the job. The length of them added to the thickness is also a saver for any parent who's baby needs the "over the shoulder" burp technique as you can simply drape the cloths over your shoulder to catch any dribble or baby sick that may come up. I love the fact they are machine washable, being a mummy of 5 means I don't often have time to wash things by hand, all I have to do is pop these in with the rest of babies clothes and they come up nicely each time. Admittedly I'm not one for ironing bibs and burp cloths but if I did I wouldn't iron the fleecey side as (having learned from a jumper in the past)fleece doesn't iron well. For just under £15 I will say they are on the pricier side for a burp cloth but you do get a nice quality item with a choice of stylish designs, the Dinosaur set they have has already caught my eye and is very tempting to add to the owl set we have for our little boy. You're certainly more likely to stand out from the crowd using these then standard bibs and cloths.

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These look really pretty with the brightly coloured patterns and super soft fabric. My baby is sick a lot and these came in really handy. You use them like you would a burping cloth or muslin square but they are way more absorbent and look a lot nicer. I like to put them under baby's head while I change her as it catches any sick and you can't do that with a bib. They have brightly coloured patterns and pictures on one side and the other side is soft fleece like material which is ideal for babies' sensitive skin. They wash really well, the colour doesn't run and they don't shrink in the dryer. A really nice top quality product.

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"Cute & absorbent, but I wish they were bigger"

I bought the peachy owls print set of 3 clothies. They are well made, absorbent & I loved the owl print one best...super cute & very stylish. They wash well too. They're great for dealing with milk dribbles, but from a personal perspective I prefer bigger cloths as my daughter doesn't stay still when being burped and so I got caught out a few times with dribbles that missed the cloth and it wasn't big enough to deal with her being sick. If only they were bigger!

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