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Chicco Polly HighChair

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"Great Value"

This baby high chair has four casters for easy mobility. It is also extremely easy to clean. The double seat pad is vinyl and thick so baby is extra comfortable. One of the great comforts of the high chair is the 7 different seat positions. It allows the child to grow right along with the Chicco high chair. What makes it that much more special is that the child can sit at the table with mom and dad. The heights allow the baby high chair to look just like a regular chair. The Polly has an easy fold which stands upright for convenient storage. The trays on the high chair are removable and dishwasher safe, another feature designed to help mum and dad.

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"Really good value for money"

I bought this 4 years ago when my daughter was weaning. And I'm now using the same one for my son. It is brilliant. The height adgustable seat makes it really easy to feed comfortably. The moveable tray also means (slightly) less food can go down onto the chair. The harness is also very good. It holds him up and in place and it seems really robust and safe. Although this is initially quite an expensive high chair, I do think it is good value in the long run.

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"great prouduct "

I had this highchair for my first son who was born back in 2006 and it was fab. It had a very handly large basket and the tray comes off to wash. It has the seat that lies back and i found that fansatic and my son always feel asleep at dinner time. It folded small and the arms for the tray come off so it folds very slim line and fits in small places perfect. I also found the basket so handy to put the tray on when it was folded up. The vaule for money was fanstic and it is now still in use with my 2nd son 4 years on and as the cover for the seat unit comes off to wash the highchair still looks new. I would recomd to everyone.

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I was so excited buying this highchair... Then so disappointed! There's nothing 'wrong' with it, looks nice, stores away nicely folded down, it's just a huge pain in the bum to clean, as is any highchair! Much prefer the budget one I got for use at my mums house!

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"Great highchair"

We got this when my son was 5 months, he could sit in it perfectly, many of theother highchairs we tried he would need propping up or he would slip down. It can be folded easily and parts such as the tray and foot rest are easily removeable. Only bad point we found are that there are a lot of nooks and crannys for food to get in to and its quite big.

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"dont use in summer"

I bought chicco polly seventy highchair and used for few months till summer came... It was terrible!! Baby was sweating so much that was impossible to use it as he did not like it coz it was too hot for him.. So buy if u wanna use till summer

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