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"Bitter tasting"

Me:- I didnt like the drinks i thought they were very bitter and not a very nice taste in your mouth after, Husband:- He thought the drinks were really nice, especially the plain cherry one. He also thought the drinks were very refreshing and quenched his thirst Daughter 1yr:- i tried her with the juice and she wasnt very impressed but then after a second taste she seemed to like it, the cartons they come in are very easy to use and have a screw cap so brilliant to keep in the fridge, I wouldnt go and buy these drinks in the supermarket unless on offer, i wouldnt spend lots on them,

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"mixed feelings"

My eldest son is a very fussy eater but i was hopeful as all he will drink is dilute summer fruits drinks and this sounded similiar but after one sip he wouldnt entertain it, my neighbours children on the other hand loved it and so did my husband and I so it wasnt a complete lost cause allthough i do agree with the other review that it was quite tart. I think it would be described as an aquired taste.

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"not impressed"

I was so excited when this product arrived since we drink a lot of fruit juice in our house. The packaging is good, with an easy to open (and reclose) screw top. I was also pleased to have received the diet version (for myself). Unfortunately, all four members of our family tried all of the juices we recieved and none of them went down well - in fact, not of the cartons were finished. Our children (aged 3 and 1) tried it whenever we put it in their cups but didn't have a second taste. It seemed to leave an afetrtaste/dry mouth. We won't be buying this product again.

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"Cherrygood "

I personally found the juice to be bitter. I did however prefer the light juice to the original. My 3 year old daughter loved it although I did have to add water to it. My husband loved it and drank most of it as he didn't mind the bitterness.

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"not keen :("

I was looking forward to trying this product as I really enjoy my fruit juice, however I don't think we'd buy this after trying it. Lovely packaging but bitter taste and horrid after taste none of the family were keen i'm afraid, back to normal cherries I thnk!

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