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Cheeky Monkey Organic Cheek Rub

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"A great product"

I applied this rub onto my little boys cheeks at a particularly bad teething moment and the red cheeks disappeared almost instantly and he calmed down within minutes. The oil smells lovely and as it is applied on the babies cheeks they are inhaling the great calming smells as well as getting the relief on their gums etc that they require through the arnica. It comes in a little jar that is a great size, very handy for on the move. There are no instructions other than to rub on the cheek so you dont know how much to apply or how often. Also it is an oil and when you have a teething baby that constantly wants cuddles and milk you end up with it on you also until it dries in. A lovely product though. It is about £7.50 to buy which I feel is a great price, it is organic and it is not something that you have to put into the babies mouth.

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"Works wonderfully for my little one"

I have used this on my lo for the past 3 weeks and everytime it has helped to ease the pain. It is easy to use, especially in the night as you just rub it on the cheek without having to put the light on to see what you are doing. It has a great smell which is very calming. Only problem I found was that there wasn't much info on it to tell how much to use and how often. I wasn't too worried about using too much as it is organic and only used on the cheek. It is a very reasonable price too. I would recommend this product to others

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"cheeky monkey teething oil"

I tried this product on my 11 month old son who suddenly gained four teeth in a row. It was easy to put on and smelled very natural and I think it gave him a little comfort. I like the fact that it wasn't chemical or drugs based and that I could use it as often as I liked externally. A useful and all natural product to add to the other well known organic teething tool: the frozen apple!

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"lovely smell"

Well i have been trying this for a couple of days now as my son Joshua who is 10 months is teething badly at the min. It says that the oils are supposed to calm him down but it doesn't all that much as he still seems to cry and chew madly on his fingers and toys but it smells wonderful! I thought it would smell awful when I first saw all of the different oils that were in it but it doesnt. I do find it hard to get it out of the bottle as you have to turn the bottle upside down and keep dabbing your finger on it to get some out and i'm not sure how much you're supposed to use as it didnt really say or how long it lasts for before you need to use it again. This info would have been useful. We are still using it though.

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"handy size bottle"

Have been using this for just over 1 week and its a great size easy to pop into your baby bag very simple to use, i used 2 drops on each cheek as my little girl has rosey cheeks from teething and it seems to calm the roseyness down. It has made a little bit of a difference to my daughter as the natural smell from it calms her. The price is a little expensive but if your looking to spend a little more on a natural product then this is lovely. The bottle is plain and simple, could do with some info on how muh to use on the baby as i just guessed and didnt want to over use it on her cheeks. Im sure my daughter likes the smell as do i. Its a very handy size bottle, lovely natural smell, easy to apply rather than a teething gel and not greasy at all. I think the only bad point is no instructions on how much to apply to babys cheeks.

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