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Chan Pie Gnon Baby Teethers

Chan Pie Gnon Baby Teethers
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"excellent - fab teether"

My little girl has been trying out the yellow Chan Pie Gnon from Hello Baby. When i first looked at it i thought it looked quite cool and something different to the normal teether, my daughter found it easy to hold and loved trying to get his head in her mouth! The squeak always made her laugh (although i was asked why i had given her a dog toy (they dont have children! its quite expensive but worth every penny as unlike the other teethers which didnt get used much and held no interest for my little one, this has and still is being used and is of an excellent quality Even my older daughter found this new toy/teether interesting and was caught playing with it a few times, Chan pie Gnon found a real friend in barbie! i have to say i had a lot of the moms comment on it and few wanted to get one as it was loved by my little pudding. i would really recommed this product, it has been a great teether and toy, when you think about it you are getting two for the price of one, i love to squeak this teether and see my daughter laugh and hold her hands out for it and its also very funny when she sits on it and it makes a squeak as she cant quite understand where it is!

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"Loves It!!!"

I was very intrigued when I found out someone was getting Rebekah the Vulli Chan Pie Gnon teether .I looked up the product before it arrived and thought it looked really cute but wondered how well my little one would like it!! When it arrived a few days later it came in a lovely little box (would make a really nice present!) and it was so so sweet!! I had been sent the pink Pie version and she has such a lovely little happy face. As soon as I took "Vulli" (as I named her lol) out of the box, Rebekah's eyes lit up. I passed her over and immediately Rebekah started checking her out, feeling the body, looking at her little face and she put the two little antena into her mouth and started sucking on them lol. The shape of this teether is very good for little hands :-) I felt safe in the knowledge that it was suitable from birth and is made with non toxic rubber and paints so I didn't have to worry about it being harmful in any way. The rubber is a lovely smell (which I wasn't expecting it to!) and I thought the little squeaky noise it makes when squeezed was very easy to distinguish amongst her other toys. When I squeak it she immediately knows that it is her "Vulli" and starts smiling :-) All in all a lovely little teether that I would recommend to anyone for their baby. It feels really nice, looks very cute and little hands and mouths seem to love it. A must have item :-)

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"Nice little teether/toy"

When I first recieved this item (i got the blue one for my little lad) I was not quite sure what to think as it was not particularly colourful etc and I thought looked a bit like a dog toy. However my son loves it (so does my daughter & dog - LOL) is is soft - squeeks really easily and he the soft rubber must feel lovely on his gums as he is always munching on it, its the first thing he goes for in his little toy box when his older sister has not pinched it!! Overall I was pleasantly suprised - nice little teether/toy.

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