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Carun All-purpose Hemp Ointment

Carun All-purpose Hemp Ointment
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"Overall good product"

Having a 4 month old boy I can say both myself and my partner have experienced the upset that comes with the dreaded nappy rash!! An felt comfortable in been able to review this product. Carun All-purpose Hemp Ointment, advises the product is good for a variety of general skin complaints such as rashes through to dry skin conditions such as eczema. I can say from using the product on a two to three times daily over a two week period, the product was indeed effective in helping to reduce skin irritation and soreness that comes part and parcel with using even the best quality nappies. Given the product is suitable for people of any age, I took the liberty of using this product on a once daily basis on a small patch of dry skin, on one of my fingers. The product did indeed also help to soothing this skin complaint. The price I seem to recall as been quoted around the £15.99 mark, whilst I do not think this is by any means expensive given the natural qualities of the product. I do feel a price tag of £10.99 would be more reasonable, especially when new parents are usually on a budget. Overall I would say the product is as effective as similar products on the market, such as the general petroleum jelly based skin treatments. Whilst I cannot myself testify to having ever purchased such a product solely on containing all natural ingredients, I do fully understand that people choose such products with the aim if possible of using all natural ingredients. For these people I do think this is product worth considering when making such a purchase.

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