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"Cantaloop Nursing Bra"

First, let me say, that this is THE single most comfortable bra that I have ever worn... nursing bra or not! It is made of soft, stretchy fabric that you can barely feel when the bra is worn but which leaves you with the comforting feeling that you couldn't be better supported. The nursing bra comes in either black or white. It has several points of adjustment to ensure a good fit, and to help as your body changes shape after birth. The bra has support for each breast individually so you don't find, as with some other nursing bras, that when you are feeding from one breast, that the other is unsupported. It has removable pads that attach to the straps for extra softness on your shoulders – I love them! My only complaint about this bra is that the clips that enable the bra cup to drop are not as easy to use as most standard clips. They are fine to un-do (with a little practice) but are very hard to do back up again with only one hand available... I find that I have to leave it undone until I have finished the feed and can find someone to hand my baby off to in order that I can do myself back up again! I think this bra represents great value for money (the fabric seems very hard-wearing and able to cope with multiple washes, so you never know, it might last me until baby number two!). I wish I'd known about it when I became pregnant then I could have tried their support bras.

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"Didn't live up to the initial impression..."

When I first received the Cantaloop Nursing Undershirt I couldn't believe how good it seemed, the fabric was soft and stretchy; it fitted supportively without being restrictive and the 'crimped' fabric between & below the bust gave definition I haven't had in any other non-underwired nursing bra. For the first couple of weeks I lived in it, and loved it! Initially the fastenings were a little fiddly but I found that after a week or so I got the knack of opening and closing them with one hand. Unfortunately I found that after being through the wash a dozen times the fabric began to bobble, and having been worn almost every day for nearly a month (only taken off to be washed and dried over night!!) the top began to stretch somewhat and the fabric between the bust began to separate from the top layer more visibly so it appeared like I had a thong between my boobs!! Obviously this makes it difficult to wear with low cut tops!! Despite this the top is long enough to hide all of the post baby bumps and bulges, and is soft and cosy, being warm but not to the point of making me overheat or get sweaty. One thing to look out for though is the cups aren't full opening (there is still a strap of material from the bottom layer of fabric over the top of the breast when the cup is open), which could cause issues if the top is too tight, your breasts are engorged/swollen, or if the position of the strap is digging in then it could possibly lead to a blocked duct or mastitis's.

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"Very very comfortable...."

Okay Mummy's this is my first review so sorry if I make any mistakes, well Ill try my best and tell you about this bra. When I was pregnant last time I really couldnt find anything that was comfortable, especially to sleep in. I received this Cantaloupe bra in white and I have to say is very soft and comfortable, it really does give you support and I did sleep in mine and had no discomfort at all. This bra feels really snug and almost like a snug top, it gives you lift and the material is really good quality. I can reaaly tell that this will grow as I do so absolutely comfortable and great value for money. I would not hesitate to reccomend this bra to anyone who is expecting, it really is one of the most comfortable bra's I have ever had, much better then my mothercare ones that I bought last time. There is however one negative that I could find, if you like wearing low necks or v-neck tops thenn this bra is not practical, it is great under t-shirts or round necks, as it comes up high. Other then that fantastic.

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"A must have product for any pregnant woman"

I was lucky enough to be picked to test the maternity support belt. What can I say except what a fantastic product, it so easy to wear and so comfy. Just slip it up your waist to cover the bump. Not only does it support your bump and back it helps keep your back warm, there is lots of growing room in it so it grows with the bump. So not only functional bit practical as well. It comes in 2 choices of colours black or white and is available from sizes extra small to extra large. Its very easy to wash and the material is quick drying. So you could easily wash it and leave it dry overnight ready for the morning. What I loved about it as well, it didn't make me sweat, so I was able to wear it all day with no trouble.It doesn't ride up or bulge under your clothes. At £14.99 I would definately recommend this for any pregnant woman it would be money well spent

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