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"excellent value"

Recieved this book quite a while ago and read it. This book is fantastic for any new mother or people with kiddies older. Its a book for all types of families. The book has really good tips and I would highly recommend any pregnant or new mums or mummys to buy this book.

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"Good Read"

Really enjoyed reading this book. It really does answer some of the questions you have regarding pregnancy, birth and beyond. The book is very research based which I didn't mind but some may find it hard going. As a first time mum to be, I found it really informative and will certainly pass on to friends!

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Great book for a first time pregnancy, has all the questions and answers you need. Coming from a medical background, I particuarly liked that it was well researched, evidence based and had lots of statistics. Although some questions did not have a definite answer it gave you all the information so you can make up your own mind. As this book is on a question and answer format i found it best to pick up a read short sections at a time.

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"Brilliant "

As a first time mummy I had a lot of questions on my mind and this book answered every single one of these. The book gives u a sense of ease. I found it very hard to put down. Would highly recommend this to anyone who is pregnant.

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"Well researched"

As a Mum of a 3yr old boy this isn't my first pregnancy and along the years I've picked up and researched a lot of information myself, with this knowledge I can't recommend this book enough. It correlates factual information that can take new mums an age to find out themselves wading through so many different answers and gives a concise, easy to digest response......or the right information for you to come to your own informed decsion. Its written in a question and answer format which is perfect for when something niggles you and you just want to quickly get to the point, I've dipped in and out of it throughout my pregnancy and undoubtably will continue to!

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