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Bum Bum Baby Nappy Balm

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"Fantastic product, excellent price and smells great!"

I love this product!! Excellent name and when I used it on my daughter it smelt lovely. The balm is nice and thick so you only need to use a tiny bit at a time meaning it is great value for money. A must have for any little bottoms :)

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"good value for money"

This product smells lovely and you only need to use a small amount so the value for money is good. The only negative would be how hard the product is, it takes a few minutes of twirling your fingers around to soften it but overall I would recommend.

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Have been using the bum bum nappy balm for about a fortnight now on both my 3 month old and 21 month old. It's a lovely product and a little goes a long way. It smells gorgeous and is natural which is always a plus with little ones sensitive skin. Pros: lovely fragrance, a little goes a long way so good value for money, it's great for sensitive skin, feels smooth and silly when absorbed into skin Cons: it's quite solid and hard in the tub so does need sort of 'digging out' and warming between fingers to soften it before being applied to the skin Overall, I would definitely recommend this product and would definitely purchase in the future (when it eventually runs out!)

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A lovely fragrance. Excellent for all types of rashes not just bum cream! The only con is how thick it is and you need to work it a bit - but lovely overall!

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"Great product, unusual texture"

It has taken me a bit of time to put a review up as I really wanted to be certain about this product. I was delighted to see the product is all natural as I have had a preference for products with lesser ingredients and preferably all natural. So from the start this was a bonus. Additionally, the packaging is so simplistic and yet so wonderful. It has a fresh look to it, great for the modern mum. When I opened the product, I found it was packed with the balm so you are getting your money's worth. It was when I touched the product I was a little confused. The product itself feels rock solid but when you rub your finger on it, it feels like the oil from the balm rubs off onto your finger. You don't actually feel like the yellowish cream is actually on your finger. Hence when you rub it on the nappy rash areas, you feel friction quickly as hardly any of the cream goes onto your finger. You have to keep rubbing your finger multiple times onto the balm, onto your baby and repeat. It seems like hard work. The actual product does work though. The nappy rash goes so it is a success. I find you get a lot for the money and something that works and is natural. However I'm not sure if it's worth the effort. If you're looking for something all natural then this probably is worth it.

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