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Brother Max Scoop Highchair

Brother Max Scoop Highchair
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"Can't fault it"

When looking for a highchair I really did my research. As any mum knows baby stuff can take over the house so i was looking for a very compact design when looking for a highchair. My needs were very specific, due to the layout of my kitchen and the location of the kitchen for I could not have any A frame type highchair with legs sticking out which most of them do. Also i didn't want to have to keep folding and unfolding it. When I saw the Brother Max Scoop I fell in love with it due to the round base. Now there are others on the market that have the round base but I have seen theses in the flesh thanks to a trip to Kiddicare and the Scoop is the winner by far. The Cosato 3sixti didn't feel good quality and the Fresco Bloom needed a Phd to work out and fell apart in y hands while I was trying to work it out - the last thing you want when trying to put a hungry baby in it! So, why is the Scoop so good. Well its the simplicity. You do not need a harness (although one is supplied) due to the design so you escape the constant cleaning of the harness and to clean it is so fast as the design is one smooth piece - no plastic padding with nooks and crannies. I bought the insert as My son was only 6 months old and this held him in nice and snuggly. The one hand opening of the tray is so convenient when holding baby in the other. There is a lever at the back of the chair that enables the seat to spin ground and it is on castors so is easy to move. The Scoop is pricey but it does last until your child is 5 as turns from a highchair to a stool. I was initially worried that it did not recline as everyone was telling me you have to get a reclining highchair but when my son is eating he has no intention of falling asleep so recline was not a must for us at all. We manages to get our Scoop for just £170 from Kiddicare as got a display model and with a discount offer they had saved lots of money so make sure you do your research and shop around. I am totally delighted with the Scoop and I can always normally find something wrong with a product!

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