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"A great idea!"

I'm definitely a BreastVest convert! I was sent a grey BreastVest in size L to try out, and it fits my current 14/16 frame really well. The straps are adjustable, which is great, and the vest is quite long (I'm 5'6" and it comes down over my hips). This means you get a really nice layered look with whatever top you're wearing over the top of the vest, and you don't end up lifting the vest up with your top accidentally when you breastfeed. I hadn't really thought about showing a bit of my mummy tummy whilst breastfeeding before, but it actually must have been worrying me a bit as I feel a lot more covered up and secure wearing the BreastVest. I wear a lot of long cardis at the moment, which are good for covering up with when I'm feeding in public, but the vest will be brilliant come the summer when I'll be feeling a bit more exposed! The BreastVest comes in 11 different colours and is currently £15 on their website. Before I tried the vest I would have said this was a lot, but it's so versatile and fits so well I'd happily buy a couple more in different colours. I think the BreastVest is a great product.

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I love this product. What a great idea. On receiving the breast vest i put it straight to use. We were going out for a meal that evening & as much as you try to time feeds it never works out right!! So in the middle of a packed restaurant i managed to feed my little one without anyone even noticing as i was completely covered. Brilliant!! Not only are you covered the vest is also extremly soft & comfortable to wear. I have been using the vest most days under whatever other top i have on & you don't even notice you are wearing it. As the other reviewer has said i too thought it a little pricey but now having tested it out i would have no hesitation on buying the vest it really is worth the £15. I have found the breast vest to be an invaluable addittion to my wardrobe making feeding anywhere so much easier. thankyou for allowing me to review this great product xx

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The breast vest is brilliant! As a new mum i was a bit concerned about breast feeding in public! Due to showing parts of me that are not really that flattering once you've had a baby! But the breast vest covers most of those parts up! Now i feel more confident feeding in public due to not havingmy flabby stretched belly out on show. Also its quite stylish and comfortable and very practical for feeding in public!

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"an essential for me I bought two!"

These are something I use on an almost daily basis if leaving the house or having visitors, so I bought 2. It's a simple concept but was so much easier than layering vests. It's also really soft to wear. The only downside is I find the straps can fall off my shoulders even if I've tightened the straps. They are also pricey but I've definitely got my money's worth. One thing that annoys me is the huge name tag breastvest" on it, not very subtle!

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