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Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

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"Lovely & Soft"

I've been breastfeeding my newborn for a few weeks now and my boobs have been a bit sore this time (more so than last time which I'm a bit surprised about). I've been wearing my new bra from Bravado Designs and it's so, so comfy. The material is lovely and soft and it's a stretchy material so easily accommodates my boobs when they're at their biggest just before a feed. My bra is in the new Orchid Pink colour and I love it. It's seamless which is great with Summer coming up as seamless bras always look better under t-shirts. It's not the most supportive bra in the world but it's fine for me. I can imagine that ladies a bit larger than me up top, might not find it as good but for me it's brilliant. In the unlikely event I go for another baby, I would definitely buy a bra from Bravado again!

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"Most comfortable bra ever"

Oh I love this bra! It's so soft and comfortable. There are no seams or stitching to irritate your skin, it's soft and stretchy and moulds to your shape. It's also really easy to unclip the cups to feed. It washes well and I put mine back on as soon as it's dried! Love it.

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