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BraStop - Hotmilk Maternity Lingerie

Customer Reviews

"Brilliant and comfortable"

I have tried and tested the HotMilk maternity lingerie and i must say as soon as put it on i felt amazing. I usually struggle to get on with any maternity lingerie as they dont seem to support very well but these were fab i am a size 38F so support was the main thing then feeling sexy was the other and i did very well supported,comfortable and confident enough to model them to my husband : ) i've seen them on the HotMilk website and really liked them but thought they were a bit pricey but at Brastop.com they were greatly reduced in comparison and think i'll be definately buying some more and would even wear them while not pregnant or nursing. I highly recommend them and can't see any faults with them at all. p.s even my nan said they looked lovely on too because i showed her too lol

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"Felt really comfy"

I loved this set. Nursing will be really easy in it as the clip comes down only the lace part of the bra come down and a hole for the nipple area is created so that baby can feed. Other bras i have had the whole section of the bra comes down leaving you feel expossed. I will feel very confident wearing this It is a really pretty and comfy set. It held and supported me well. The pants are also great, really comfy and sexy. the only thing i would have liked them to come in actual sizes so they are a more accurate fit as they only come in S, M and L I think this set would be a great buy.

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"very supportive...AND sexy!!!"

very supportive...AND sexy!!! Well I never thought I'd say both those things about a nursing bra! Great fit, nice and firm support. I was sent a bra and all though the pattern perhaps was not to my taste I cannot fault the design. It is very well made and lovely quality. The straps are made of soft fitting, supportive stuff giving optimum comfort. The lace cup drops but leaves an under cup which has a space for discreet feeding. There are allot of clip adjustments so it grows and shrinks with you which should mean it lasts a good while. My partner loves it he thinks its great. The only thing I don't like about this item is it's hand wash only. I don't have the time to fuss about with hand washing, I'm afraid and am not relishing having to take care not to shove it in the machine by mistake. Otherwise I'm very pleased with it and will be checking out brastop in the future.

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Great bra, very supportive and sexy!!! My husband certainly loved it!! It fits snuggly and comfortably and it's great for breast feeding. Very happy with it and would certainly recommend it. I have worn other maternity bras and they are comfortable but look like something y grandma would wear.

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"The most comfortable and beautiful nursing bra EVER!"

Beautiful lingerie set, it really didn't feel 'mumsy' or 'un-sexy' at all! Really comfortable and not itchy around the nipple in the slightest (which a lot of nursing bras are). Extremely discreet when feeding, covers up most of the breast apart from the nipple in a soft fabric that is kind to baby's skin. I have had a lot of positive remarks and compliments and have sign posted them to BraStop! Refreshing and wonderful to see maternity underwear made flattering, sexy and practical! I will certainly be purchasing more ASAP. Thank you

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