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Boppy Feeding and Support Pillow

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"great present"

I got this pillow from work colleague as a gift and I loved it!!It was very easy to use. Very comfortable to breastfeed. Once baby started to sit I was using it as a support cushion for him. Lovely parterns and funky design. Best present ever and I would definitely buy it because you get value for your money for a long use of it.

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"an update to my previous review"

I wanted to update to my previous review of this product as I have truely found the Boppy to be so useful I cant stop telling other nursing mums to get one! I am now at 9 months of breastfeeding and down to only a few feeds a day but my boppy is still in use all the time. I still use it for each feed, she uses it to play with as she is crawling and cruising a little around the furniture so she finds it fun to roll over and sit on.It was perfect support when she was learning to sit up. I hope every mum gets one as I could not do without it now.

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"every mum should have one!"

When my boppy arrived it was in a huge box, I was eager to open it! I liked the pattern of flowers and chocolate, but I fell in love with wildflowers pattern but cant find spare covers anywhere in the UK. The pillow is bigger than I imagined and was packaged nicely in a carry case. I took it out of the carry case and it was much firmer than expected and I didn't think I would get on with it as I have been used to using just a soft blanket to support baby on me. As I am fully breastfeeding it is very important to have baby at the right height and so far I have struggled to get it right so this pillow was the next step as it seems after a few weeks now we have mastered breastfeeding. The first time I used it felt odd as baby seemed to be perched on top and I was worried she would roll off but she managed to latch on to me with much less effort than usual and her whole body was well supported and her legs were not just hanging off the end of my blanket. I was even able to move my arm to reach my drink which normally I have to wait until the end of the feed to do. It did take some getting used too as the pillow is firm but I wanted to give it a fair run so I used it at every feed. I love the way it grips my waist and actually stays on when I stand up, so I can pick baby up and sit down without have to fumble for a pillow or my usual blanket. After a feed she can stay there comfortably and fall asleep without me having to move her to support her back she just rolls on to her back. The only thing I really think this pillow needs is a small carry handle on the outer edge of the pillow just for grabbing quickly when I sit down to feed as otherwise I have to use 2 hands to pick it up from next to my chair, rather annoying, as the pillow is firm I just cant grip it to be able to pick it up quickly. Overall I have fallen in love with my boppy pillow, I cant do without it now, it stays around my waist when I put it on, it is a perfect height for breastfeeding, perfect amount of support for baby and especially as they get heavier and bigger, great removable washable cover (if only I could get my favourite wildflowers cover! as I am sure it will get dirty I will need another cover),it does not lose shape, plus it helps with bonding not just with me and baby but my 3 boys can use the pillow too and then I know baby is supported OK when they are holding her, it also helps my back as I no longer lean forward to feed my baby, instead she is supported at the right height. And also my boppy will be used for some time to come as it can help my baby sit up by supporting her, and rest against it to help prevent colic and milk coming back up after a feed, and can be used for her tummy time. Excellent and I would recommend every mum should get one!

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"Fantastic Product"

I have been using this for a few days now and I can honestly say it should be on every mum to be wishlist for breast or bottle feeding. I bottle feed and after having a c-section it is still very important to get your posture right when feeding plus you can end up with a very achy arm so the support the pillow gives is fantastic. I chose it in the chocolates and flowers design which is lovely and bright plus it can be machine washed and tumble dried. It is really firm and stays in place around the waist and baby is led at just the right height which I would imagine is the perfect breast feeding height. Not only do I use this but also my husband and my 8yr old daughter when she is helping out and giving her little sister a bottle for me. my 2 younger sons and visiting children have also used it to help them have a cuddle with the baby. I have used it to prop the baby up at an angle after feeding to help with colic and have yet to use it for tummy time. The only slight negative I can find is the price. At £49.99 and around £18.00 for spare covers I feel it is a little bit on the pricey side and personally I probably wouldn't want to pay any more than £35.00 for it.

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"Brilliant highly recommmend"

I recieved my boppy feeding pillow and it is excellnt you got the choice of colours to which we chose the blue and green frogs and is gorgous. we currently not feeding of the breast but it is very usefull for the bottle. we were hoping to breast feed but didnt turn out like that really. its very usefull for night feeds and for my son who likes to lie against it watching what is going on. To all mothers who are thinkin/ or already breast feeding the boppy pillow is the one to get very high recomendation from our family and i will be telling everyone i know who is or thinking about breast feeding

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