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Boots Washable Breast Pads

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"Only for the evenings"

I tried these washable pads in an attempt to be a bit greener. They are comfortable to wear and wash well (they come with a little mesh bag to wash them in) but do have a habit of slipping around in your bra and are not as absorbent as some of the disposable ones I have used. I now combine these with disposable ones using these in the evenings at home when the flow of milk is a little lighter and I am not so paranoid about leakage etc. I would not be able to use solely these breastpads unfortunately.

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I'd been looking at reusable pads for a while as some of the disposable ones can irritate my skin especially on a night time. However, I understand that the more they are washed the more they can absorb, but they really aren't great on a night. During the day they are ok as long as you aren't leaking heavily.

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